Truth Hertz: Dennis Cimino – Critically Examining Terror Hoaxes, 9/11 & NASA Space Missions (9-12-18)

Charlie speaks with Dennis Cimino, who presents some information that will be new to many listeners regarding the lies perpetrated on the world during staged terror attacks, including 9/11 and the aftermath, as well as looking back at the ridiculous stories told by NASA over the years, which do not hold up to any close scrutiny.

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9/11 was my first step into the truth movement, even before I became jew wise. Since I’ve been awake, usually every year when 9/11 comes around, I will listen to something about 9/11, like this show. This year I’ve been real busy. I always thought that people who said that no planes hit the building were complete loons, and never entertained them. But being that I like to hear both sides of an argument before I pass final judgement, I decided to listen to what they had to say, and decided to entertain them this year, and they’re 100% right. Before anyone says “oh, I was there, the planes hit,” yes something did hit the building, and they were drone missles shaped like planes, just… Read more »


I’m sorry, not September Clues, this

For the most comprehensive and cutting edge 9-11 Media-Fakery information you have to listen to Brian S. Staveley: Brian S. Staveley – 9-11 Full Immersion 2011 Brian S. Staveley and James Sloan on the ‘how’ of the 9-11 Media-Fakery PsyOp – 2017: Brian S. Staveley’s 9-11 Anniversary Special recorded on 9-11-2018: Video of the same call in 2 locations (in case censor-tube deletes it): Listen many times, not just once! Repetition is key to breaking bad old habits and false beliefs and replacing them with newer and truer ones. Brian who, you might say? Just the fact that you’ll probably ask that question already shows how well the controlled opposition gatekeeping “plane-hugging” and “victims-hugging” program has worked from Alex Jones on… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

The reason they MUST attack like no other point is the stone cold physical impossibility of 1/8″ inch on average, alum sheets fashioned into a big HOLLOW tube slicing through 14″ hs carbon structural steel, the strongest possible so far, built and tempered to a X20 factor which means each floor can easily support 20 times the weight of all the floors loaded to capacity above them. Remember, duck that weigh two pounds knock gouges in these planes 1 ft by 2 ft. ahahahha. What is there to think about? The center box columns were 3 ft thick by themselves, each. So considering we saw on TV that day and it’s recorded everywhere when undented nose and about 20 feet of the “plane” shot out… Read more »


I found an interesting site regarding conspiracies and conspiracy theory today and wanted to share it. It does a good job of making one realize that the entire conspiracy theory world has been purposely created and we are carefully channeled into yet more deception after we think that we have moved into truth. I have only read for a little under 2 hours so far and so can’t say much about it’s credibility. The author(s) use the term elite without going any further as far as I can tell so far but this is OK for now for my needs. “When we break the larger public propaganda protocol, we will find ourselves in smaller numbers and managed in a different manner from the larger general… Read more »


Thanks for having Dennis Cimino on! Very informative!!!


I had initially posted this to the wrong show so I went back to copy/paste here and delete there – sorry. It just gets curiouser and curiouser! Removing any conjecture about no planes hitting the towers and pentagon leaves us with planes piloted by people with little to no commercial aircraft pilot experience hitting the relatively small targets quite precisely. I would at this point venture a guess that planes were flown into buildings and perhaps had inexperienced people on board but may have been remotely controlled to assure mission accomplished. We will never know this however as there is no evidence. It is best to leave the holograms, no planes theory, missiles etc. alone and just go with what is most likely. We all… Read more »


I also moved this comment over here from the wrong show thread…

Interesting discussion of Dennis Cimino allegations/theories….


If only Charles would approach flat earth genuinely. For ball earth you have to buy into the theory of gravity and therefore into freemason Newton & Jew Einstein, pleeease… Iirc Charles explanation for the NASA fakery was that they were just after the worthless fiat money. Anybody else got problems with that theory? For someone who fell for the abrahamic garbage for a long period of time Charles sadly still got a lot of arrogance and ignorance left in him. I like his ramblings on the bible etc. and it’s great he wrote a book challenging the death cult but still he wasn’t able to distinguish between good & evil (Yahweh being the personification of the latter) himself for a long time even though the… Read more »


By introducing the ridiculous and obviously fake Jewish disinformation flat earth theory that can be disproved with very old and basic science, I have to make two conclusions; 1: You are a moron. 2: You’re a paid operative committing treason by engaging in psychological warfare against our people for the purpose of discrediting truthful information of crimes that are being committed against us . And I and I and probably many other patriots are way past the times that people like you should be given the benefit of the doubt of just being a moron. So when the time comes and we take back this country people like you will be dealt with in a appropriate manner.

Foster XL

LMFAO! That’s some tough talk there Dakota & you sound pretty sure of yourself lol! The funny thing is though looking at this “discussion” from where I sit is that neither you nor Nice2SeeYou2 can actually “prove” without a doubt what shape the world is so you both look like morons! What you call “proof” is really no different to what theoretical physicists use to “prove” the “existence” of all kinds of things that they’ve never actually witnessed & never will. So until you actually “take back (this) country” & fly out into space far enough that you can actually see for yourself what shape the earth is how about you just get that little bit of puff out of your chest, sit back down… Read more »

I agree – we have way more important issues at stake, like, how the hell to deal with the Yiddish problem, and how to expel all of the non-whites that do not belong here who are sucking off of the “welfare” state, and or are committing violent crimes! So yeah, it would be awesome to fly out to space, and see for ourselves what our land mass- planet looks like! Now – we have some work to do! I don’t know whatever happened to the vegainator – but he was actually going out in public with signs denouncing the Jewish federal reserve, AIPAC, and talked about displaying our symbols! Maybe we could start with issues like that, first? Thanks, Foster XL


“How to expel all of the non-whites that do not belong here.”

As a Native (IROQUOIS), I find that fucking hilarious. Dude, technically, you do not belong here, lol. Where you going to send me? Back to where I came from? America? LOL!

Excellent comment – he did not fully understand my comment – and he called me a dude – I am a Germanic woman, lol! Yes, the Ameroindians get loads of land, and don’t even like it when whites are forced to drive through it! They also have their own tribal laws in most instances, they also receive tons of “welfare” payments that whites are forced to pay – but that’s not privilege is it? Thank you for that reply

You sound like some asshole punk, who knows nothing of history – the Germans, Irish, Italians, and other whites, built this country, yet you sit there and laugh with your pea brained head – you enjoy all the “welfare”, casino monies, and other businesses that whites never get a chance at! You didn’t even read my comment properly, and I am NOT a dude, you smart ass punk!!


So called “Naitive american Indians” are not native. You are asian/Polynesian immigrants. Just look at 18th century photos on google before you race mixed with desperate White sluts, and you look like chinks in Slavic dress. White man is the true native of this Earth. All of the designs and traditional garb are all European that the dark hordes have asssimilated. THis will happen in Sweden again if they do not act up, the whole place will be a nigredo nation full of yapping groids saying they are the originul Vikingz n sheet (or should I say Vi-KANGZ) who came in on hydraulic, low-profile, tinted windowed ships with bass boxes pumping out mumble rap, and holding their swords horizontal, gangsta styleeeeeeee, AY YO NIGGUUUUUUUUR!!!

I liked your comment, Foster, and someone downvoted it – what did I say that was so awful? I don’t know


I think, at least for me personally, flat earth theory serves more as a thought experiment. It’s an exercise in examining a belief that is held so deeply as true, a belief taught at a young age and accepted uncritically, and as so it’s helpful at getting you used to examining things you find to be ridiculous. For me, it’s less about the earth being flat or not, but rather being able to consider theories that run counter to an extremely fundamental belief most people hold, and looking at things with an open mind. That said, there are a number of reasons why I lean toward globe theory, but the practice of critically examining beliefs held as axiomatic is invaluable imo. I’ve done some amateur… Read more »

Yes – just like people are challenging the holohoax myth – it’s been shoved down our throats for over 70 years, now!


@Dakota, You have it backwards, the globe comes from jewish mysticism, see here: And before someone points it out, yes the video maker is obviously christ-tarded but one can still draw value from them sometimes, like in this instance. Guess you will have to use your pitchfork on yourself as you’re the one defending a jewish fairy tale, sir. @Foster XL, I’m always up for cleaning house but you might want to recall that we are still a tiny minority, so in the meantime we can surely talk about essential stuff that might proof the existence of higher powers. Many positive things can come from the realization of flat earth & the existence of higher beings, I don’t think I have to point them… Read more »


@Nice2SeeYou2 Totally agree with your sentiment here. Flat earth is somewhat of distraction however. They threw doggy a bone to keep him away from the fillet steak. I truly believe ((( they ))) are pushed for time. I find the whole flat earth issue entertaining, and at times almost like a drug. None of the prominent Flat Earther’s are ever willing to utter the word ‘Jew ‘ , jet keep swinging the Nazi Hammer on a constant basis……Project Paper clip ya fools didn’t ya know ?! Yes the earth is not a ball, but why has it been given to us now ?

Ghost Man O; War

Say, I will debate you on flat earth. I’ll go first. There are still frame photography taken in Chili and N. Central Canada. Any lower latitude or higher latitude location will do. The still frame photog taken every 5 minute for 8 hours or even 30 minutes works. I’ve seen these picks and talked to time zones in reference to the position of the sun, then moon. But back to easy proof, look at these still frame photographs that are made into overlays showing the procession of the sky as seen from earth. YOU will notice that the N. Pole star region and S. Pole star region will remain in place. Not the stars per say because they do seemingly tiny revolutions around central points.… Read more »