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1 year ago

Daytime show or re-upload? I heard him mention he may switch to morning shows. I’m all for some daytime content to listen to while I work.

1 year ago

oooh nice one Charlie, love ur work bro, cant wait to check this out… you always have details I’ve missed.. Einstein was total .(((fake news media))) shill.. here is an original fake news media promotion video i found of him…it’s blatantly obvious agenda….hilarious! I’m skeptical of all “science” particularly quantum physics that i cannot observe without a million dollar machine that gatekeepers look after 😉 keep up the excellent work mate, you never fail to surprise me with topics you cover!! . link & spiel ————————————————————- “Einstein was a shill selling Marxist deconstructionist “critical thinking” philosophy disguised as physics to the public as the first “celebrity scientist”. the most popular celebrity selling Zionism back then. #1 golden child. “Einstein introduced the thinking that is associated… Read more »

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

Charlie is a likeable guy. Great show!

Lady Cat
Reply to  Helm
1 year ago

And they’re all very funny too

-Charlie’s descriptions and delivery.
-Kyles “Biden HisTime” 5D chess announcement last show had me crying.
It actually did sound more plausible then the Trump derailment campaign other fake WN, NS were selling

And of course Mrs Goyiem Goddess herself, Sineade. Awarded for best sarcastic quips and parodies

Id also say, Renegade gets to gloat just a little bit, with a sprinkle of “I told ya so’s” mixed in there.

They were attacked relentlessly for calling Trumpstien out from the beginning

And as always they were right

Robert Heimdal
1 year ago

[off-topic] Media Blackout: Italian Bars & Restaurants Disobey Rules & Open Together In Civil Disobedience (January 25, 2021) by Arjun Walia
I hope this becomes viral (no pun intended).

1 year ago

that was a amzing show Charlie! You would have made a great teacher. Glad to hear such information. Your hard work has not be for no reason believe me.

J. Brown
1 year ago

For your audience, Christopher Bjorkins has written a lengthy book on the fraudulent aspects of Einstein’s scientific theories. Moreover, he explains the Tribe’s control of the media, at that time in their anointment of him. By the way, Einstein did not leave Germany voluntarily, the Scientific Community forced him out. He was unable to debate, or prove his claims for his lack of understanding on the subject.

Reply to  J. Brown
1 year ago

It’s Bjerknes, and his Einstein book is here among other places:

Seems he’s also done another or an updated version. Haven’t checked as i) it’s very long and ii) he’s been criticised as being a shill of sorts.

As for gravity etc, hasn’t this been preceded in e.g. Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision? Regardless, CG always comes up with his own independent insights.

Reply to  J. Brown
1 year ago

Kyle had him on some years ago. Bjerknes has himself proven to be a fraud over the years.

1 year ago

I believe the planets & moons are locked in position in a quantum locking effect but momentum or centrifugal force can’t be responsible for holding us down on Earth due to the centrifugal force would make us fly off from the equator & there would be a huge difference of force between the equator & poles, a bucket is a container you may keep water in the bucket but not underneath it & something under the bucket like a piece of straw that stuck to the bottom will fly of the bottom when you spin it unless it’s stuck with glue or gum so the Earth’s orbit around the Sun can’t hold us down on the Earth because we would fly off the at night time when we are on the… Read more »

Reply to  Richard
1 year ago

It depends on what you take as reality. Mainstream science is a scam and a fraud, its total misrepresentation. Planets only exist if you believe the Newtonian model of gravity which supposes planets, and also centripetal force (which is nonsense contrived to fit the model).

1 year ago

Great job mining the subject of the Einstein fraud. It’s horrible how even science is so corrupted. It is also another indication of our enemy’s power.

Reply to  Wizard
1 year ago

It was made corrupted in order to hide the truth about reality. The whole education system is a dogshit empire of false information and half truths. Einstein was a jew PR figure who stole ideas from other European scientists who are largely unknown and obscured because jewish supremacy in media. Also his theory of relativity is a clump of rot that not even scientists understand because it makes no real sense.

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