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8 years ago

NO WAY! I was thinking about suggesting this! Also it is theorised that the sun is not actually visible without the atmosphere because it radiates some kind of energy. Electric theory also somewhat explains the “Soul” and the expression of consciousness through the electric field, also memory which is not stored in the brain but the subtle bio-electric field around the body known as the aura. The brain is just a receiver/transmitter to this aura and perception. My assumption is that this is the “ghost” (charge plasma, which is the life-force) that leaves the body and also stores the memories from past lives (genius skills because they have done them before, familiar places, certain unexplained fears and phobias etc.). The room goes cold because of… Read more »

8 years ago

Thanks, really enjoyed the talk, and the music in-between. I share such sentiments as I too have questioned conventional theory and have confronted the very beginnings such as “the foundation … Laws”, lol ! How about for example: “Like Charges Repel”, I mean, what a load of crap that is ! You cannot use the word “like”, it would not stand up in court as a decent description, it does not describe properly any kind of “sameness”. Electricity, whether in static form or as a going concern of exchange, ie; a “current” relies on “Difference” and not on “sameness”. Therefore, there cannot be any exchange or manifestation of force or inertia between two points of sameness in order to “repel” ! Their observations of the… Read more »

8 years ago

Quick link, not to Electric universe theory but something in the same vein

simply said
8 years ago

I watched a great video of the Electric Universe. Once you fully grasp what the sun does, it makes huge amounts of sense that it is truly the “god” of the universe. It is the life giving force on us and everything around us.

Reply to  simply said
8 years ago

Physics textbook, the new Bible of ‘Star God’ enthusiasts everywhere.

8 years ago

I uploaded a condensed version of Charles’ Orlando update from this show onto my youtube channel. Enjoy!
Truth Hertz Radio: Orlando Shooting Update

Steve L
8 years ago

Research conducted by Dr. George Washington Crile (1864-1943) showed: ‘ Crile realized that the thyroid, liver and adrenal glands were the Rosetta stone for his discovery of a controlling energy that governs life. Crile reasoned that if all the fluids in the system are intact at death, then he must be dealing with an energetic situation taking place within the body. Through microscopic analysis, he discovered that at death there were changes in particular cells of the thyroid, liver and the adrenal glands. Science showed that there is strong evidence that cells are electric in nature [see my post on the cast of cell]. Crile developed his concept of the Bipolar Theory of the living process, his “Radio-Electric Theory”. Subjecting organisms to injury, emotion, infection,… Read more »

Ingrid B
8 years ago

Welcome back Charles..
There are so many useful idiots, such as the pulse pillow biters, who are collaborating in our demise, including their own. They are what the jews refer to as lemons, which they squeeze until there is nothing left, then they throw them away..

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