Truth Hertz: The End of Akhenaten (4-4-18)

Charlie gets into some updates on current events before concluding the discussion of Akhenaten: talking about his son King Tut and his policies, how jewish sun worship became Christianity, the parallels of Akenaten and Jesus, and more.


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Ghost Man O; War

I forgot to say Hi to Sinny and little one. Your commercial spoofs are the best I’ve ever heard. The best is, “….gosh mom, they sure can parasite!”…”they sure can son, they sure can.” hahaha Only she could do this so well. Oh, the other one with her and Kyle. The one about speaking “chosen”. The oldest language known to “ape”. ahahaahah Maybe my top one is where Kyle does the bit about the kid doing the transgender thing, “well, he’s a four year old child, I guess he can be trusted to change his sex…..” You remember, guys. The one about the Obama Clinic for Gender Reassignment. haahaha. So chosen.

Killer of Trolls

The chief of Abominable Bastards

Scott the Strategerist

All of Charlie’s shows lately have been spectacular; and I’m sure this will be no exception. However, why the Hell is there a painting portraying the King (Tut?) as a nig— Uhhh, as I mean, as an African-American, totally-equal who just wants a better life for himself and a white wife? The ancient Egyptians were white-white. Read “Children of Ra” or “March of the Titans,” both by Arthur Kemp from, for more details.

Killer of Trolls

We wuz kangs dawg. We WAZ KANNGGZZZZ!