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7 years ago

Found this new #PG bit this morning, from a new vlogger, “#PIZZAGATE – ONESIES SWAG?!” 5m 30s: ^ vlogger’s find is, for Comet’s 10th anniversary party announcement at their FB page, they offered free Comet swag; and among the normal assortment of Comet-branded tshirts, hoodies, caps & bags with their wide unisex & age-irrelevant appeal; they were also giving away these “infant onesies”, in four sizes: 6, 12, 18, & 24 months: ?v=1481659406 umm, yeah…. that’s totally normal small pizza shop promotional swag. 🙁 Vlogger above didn’t note it, probably coz it’s not in the FB page party announcement he cited; but I check Comet’s shopify page, and also find this for sale: ?v=1481659071 I archived 4 Comet shopify pages for posterity,… Read more »

7 years ago

Re Ben Swann’s #Pizzagate piece on CBS Atlanta last week, it can be found with a youtube search; about 5-6 mins in duration. A couple YT vids appeared today asking about the whereabouts of Ben Swann since last week; and highlighting a tweet he just made, cryptically announcing his twitter account was going to “go dark” as of Feb 1st. Go to YT channel “Victurus Libertas VL” to see these. Did a comment I submitted earlier in this thread, ~8 hrs or so ago now, get rejected? It was re Comet’s shopify store selling among other things, Comet-branded “INFANT ONESIES”, and Comet brand TOMATO SAUCE (pedo codespeak for blood). It had numerous URLs, which I realize hangs it up in a mod queue, but at… Read more »

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