Truth Hertz: Evolution of the Evil Empire (11-30-17)

Charlie finishes up his notes about how the US was always intended to be the instrument to conquer the world for the chosen overlords, then gets into Washington’s Masonic philosophy and allegiance.

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Thank God I found this site today. Finally people talking common sense.


Charles, thanks.

Salem, Ben Salem: I had often wondered about the name “Jerusalem” simply because the letter “J” did not exist prior to 1100AD. Here is what someone on Twitter had to say:

“St. Jerome said it was a town near Scythopolis, still called Salem in his day. Crusader and masonic symbolism as attributed to Salem agrees. British Israelites go nuts on this stuff.”


@Charles Giuliani please do a show critiquing this

SS 112717 – Why Britain Became Christian

– Jew Book not a Jew Book.


Rocket man needs to be blown away. Go Donald Go😵😵