Truth Hertz: Exposé of Ecclesia Catholica (5-10-18)

Charlie draws from a lifetime of experience, with both indoctrination and investigation, to bring you damning evidence against the nefarious Catholic Church throughout time.

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I have to take strong exception to Giuliani’s comment that it’s “ok to rub one out.” Masturbation is not a good practice to be engaged in at all, especially if you have the slightest hint of addictive personality. Having been a major wanker in my past, I can only say that I am so very glad I gave it up. There are so many better things to channel your energy into than jacking off. Choking the chicken is for degenerate jews, not proud Aryans. If you are a wanker, especially if you are a hard core wanker, the following video will be most helpful in stopping what they used to call back in the day “self abuse.”


Practiced with moderation, “wanking” is perfectly OK!… Sexual taboos are good only for the frustrated and the impotent.


Bullshit. But believe what you want, Bernard.

steven boyd

lol. back in de good ol’ days, Self-Abusers could be “cured” by shoving a red hot wire thru the “Jap’s eye” & up the length of the abused organ. That would put a stop to That nonsense for sure. I don’t think Mr. G was recommending ten a day or anything. lol

Soapy Bigstorm

Thanks for the video link. I wanked off to it.


LOL You always find a jew or two in the Renegade comments. You should hook up with your tribal brother, Bernard.

vanilla guerilla

These guys lmao

Good to hear that you escaped from the parasitic superstructure known as the Catholic church. IMO, Mary’s status upgrade was done to appease those who were rebelling against being told what to do by abuser/controllers while having time & money extracted to support the abuser/controllers of the parasitic “religious” superstructure. Being encouraged to pray to Mary for comfort instead of demanding the abuser/controllers stop parasitizing others appears to have kept many in thrall. The article on Mariology at has chronological details for those who are not familiar with Mariology: Protestant views on Mary (mariolatry): Please note I rebelled against Christianity as a pre-teen and studied comparative religion from an early age to find out what used to be, to find out if… Read more »


A couple years ago I tried listening to Charlie, and just found him to be a little bit ”too abrasive”. Sometime last year, I gave it another go, and now I earnestly look forward to his shows. I feel a bit child like in that now I am upset thinking about how much wisdom I must have missed from ignoring, and prior to that just not knowing about Charles shows. Thank the gods for his fire and passion! This world is so fucking disgusting, and it is a breath of fresh air to hear someone as angry about it all as I am, telling the truth about this shit hole we are leaving to our children and the scum who are turning it to shit… Read more »

vanilla guerilla

Trying to wake up Christians can be frustrating and I guess Charlie is just a bit maxed out .
I really like his show too

The good thing is I’ve never seen so many that are on to the Jews
I don’t get attacked for calling them out anymore

Turn up the heat


Charles Giuliani is always as hard hitting as ever!… Wonderful to hear the whole “judeo-christian” claptrap being DEMOLISHED is such a masterful way!!