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7 years ago

Wow, what a photo of Rivero. And now he lives the high life in Hawaii?

7 years ago

Is that an altered pic ? Hahahahaha

7 years ago

I used to use “bee call” to make phone calls from computer almost a decade ago. It was free. It worked like a walkie talkie. It went away like all things that serve a function and are free.

7 years ago

I used to listen to Rense, Rivero and Jones. After a while and the more I learned about the Jews and the deceptions, one by one I stopped listening to them all. They all refuse to use the word Jew and they all promote the official positions of many a government lie. Too many times they are obviously leading the uninformed public on a trip with a little truth while steering them in the absolute wrong direction.

Killer of Trolls
7 years ago

I’ve heard people call Jeff Rense a shill, but he definitely talks about Jews now. Alex Jones is the biggest gate keeper cuck out there spreading disinformation. I’ve seen the document online where his jew wife left him and is suing his fat ass. He’s in serious debt now. He needs that Jew money

7 years ago

Good show, and the picture hahahaha I listen to Rivero pretty much every day (at work). Totally agree with you about him, what he does well is picking up loads of stories from all over the world, saving me some time. Thing is, he reports them without fact checking. He gets in meltdown mode when some caller mentiones the J word and the usual “Nazis” fals flag etc porkies. He’s kind of like the gate keeper after the Jones level, for those who realize something s a bit fishy.

7 years ago

I think Rense is ok as far as I know. He always mentions the jews. He even co-wrote a book about ww2 truth called The Bad War. It’s pretty good. He gets hounded and defamed by jews such as makow and jew shills such alex jonestein.

Reply to  VeganPaganFlatEarther
7 years ago

Rense Radio Archives is pretty unkosher: X22 Report and Dr Broer

6 years ago

I sometimes listen to Rivero for his excellent newsfeed, but his roots in broadcasting suspicoiusly begin with Alex Jones. I turn him off as soon as he starts fawning over NASA and space fantasy.

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