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7 years ago

Wow someone completely missed the part where one can do with one’s creations what one wishes.

7 years ago

Also, I’m sure the same message could be brought without all the goddams etc… Be a little creative yourself and come up with curse words that would actually mean something… How about facts without all the mocking tones as if the guy being interviewed don’t think his condescending self to be soooo faaaaar above the regular person? So the imagery is volcanic in nature… nothing new there. Jews tend to integrate the religions of their neighbours into theirs… nothing new there. Rather go use your timbering bass in advertisements or something. Couldn’t listen further than 23 minutes and was bored out of my skull. Please next time get someone who doesn’t think that your audience are idiots.

Hell Is N(ot) A(ctual)
Reply to  Helizna
7 years ago

One can only assume from your criticism above that you won’t be listening again then Helizna. Good, then we won’t have to gaze upon your whiny butthurt commentary again then also! Suits me fine although I constantly wonder why such negative people as yourself even have to bother telling us all how “bored out of my skull” you were listening to a show and I just know you’ll be back time & time again to whine some more because that’s all you can do and all you do do. Get a life…

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