Truth Hertz: Food for Thought on Yahweh’s Animal Farm (2-8-18)

Charlie talks about the disgusting nature of fast food and what it’s doing to people, the Hampstead case in Britain, and why he questions whether there is a benevolent creator.

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Charles’s series on biological parasites and Yahweh/Satan dualism are a must listen for every human being living today.


Without question is christianity judeized but Charles is constantly equalling Yahweh of the old testament with the satanic talmud which is simply a theological dilettantism.


This show CG is mind blowing… The level of thought to even consider… no wonder denial is such a popular trend.

Foster XL

Good show although a quick clarification is required. A “Symbiotic Relationship” is always one where both parties benefit therefore you can’t have a “bad” symbiotic relationship – that is simply called parasitism.


I wish you did a show 5 days a week. At this point though I wonder if any amount of info will cause even a pause of thought on the masses? Any food that can be artificialized has been to the n-th degree. Refined sugar is poison and addictive. Saw Spurlocks documentary years ago, worth a look if you have not seen it.

Anon 1

Christianity and the New Testament were creations of the Romans to control radicle Jews. “Caesar’s Messiah” is a real eye opener if you are wanting a serious historical look at the period 30AD to 70AD when the 2nd temple was destroyed.