Truth Hertz: Founders of American Imperialism (11-29-17)

Charlie talks about turkey and then gets into some of the foundations of the NWO, tying it into the very founding of the country, and how men like Jefferson were actually imperialists, though they are never painted that way. Lots of calls are taken.

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Tony E
6 years ago

Charles’ research is 2nd to none all the while educating anyone with 1/2 a brain cell & doing it in a way that is most entertaining for the average student like myself.

6 years ago

Never drew this kind of connection between the masons and the colonial establishment, that is was as bad even back then. Could it be possible that like many masontards being used like pawns today, some of them at least had benign intentions? Who knows, but it really does seem like there’s a force at work, beyond indoctrination and even genetics, when I see shabbos goy politicians turning into Emperor Palpatine through their lies and evil acts which betray their biology, making them look even evil. And then later to savor in their dark masochistic recklessness, not even caring if it’s out in the open, like HW Bush’s recent sexual complaints. Well the Bush’s(I think) and most of the British royal families did mix with Jews… Read more »

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