Truth Hertz: Fraudulent Founding Fathers (11-16-17)

Charles continues the discussion about how we were sold a false bill of goods regarding the founding of the United States, with a particular focus on heralded figures such as Benjamin Franklin, member of the Hellfire Club, and his masonic buddies.

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6 years ago

As always, Charlie nails the hammer! Anyways, I just paused near the end…I love this new quote & I hope he uses it again… “…unless you wanna be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the dumbest of the dumb with the most plaques on their wall…” Haha, lmao..(talking about PhD’s/”ed-jew-cation” etc etc from “Prestiiiiiiigious Universitaaaays”) Then bashing “ed-jew-cation”/gov’t FORCED INTEGRATION & forced girl & boy education etc all into on room of perfectly aligned rows of horribly uncomfortable chairs with no desk space. Sure, some classes had great desk space & good chairs (aka the science lab from 50 years prior…yet, the good chairs, benches & slate tables are in great condition VS the garbage in every other “classroom” (Gods’ damned people actually… Read more »

Reply to  Adam
6 years ago

Damn. I had it in sections. It’s a giant run-on!! Lookout!! Just playin…apparently a comment means a sentence or two, haha…

Allison MacPherson
Reply to  Adam
6 years ago

Adam, Home schooling is growing rapidly, and is proving to be more successful than public school. More parents than ever before are choosing to homeschool their children, driving a movement that’s grown by 62 percent in the last decade. Think about it, the children receive one on one attention, feel safe, and are encouraged to go at their own pace. The individual student’s innate gifts and interests are honed and encouraged, creativity flourishes. If the parent or teacher is intelligent, caring, and has a basic knowledge of the 3 R’s, of course the youth will receive a superior education. If a child needs extra help in a subject, the teacher can recognize this and either give extra help or find a tutor to fill… Read more »

Reply to  Allison MacPherson
6 years ago

That is nice to know. There is a place in England where the children are only taught outside and do physical and practical things like build and construct stuff. The children love it and they “feel more confident in themselves”. Apparently this place has gone apocalyptic and parents are going hysterical to try and get their children in. The only fear I have is that they will have to accept multikultis and there is no filtration process bekuz waaaysizt.

Konrad Rhodes
6 years ago

Dear Charles
Thank you for stating what needed to be! I’m so tired of the BS regarding the Founding Fathers as if that is what and they are who made the America and the American nation great and a miracle in the world. They were harbingers of its steady and eventual decline falling to the power of the tribe through usury and the worst form of govt which was known in ancient Greece to be a farce used by the lowest sorts of people for whom money is the end all be all to gain power through deceit and anti-human immorality

6 years ago

Excellent show Charles. Thank you for helping to validate the conclusions I have been coming to over the past year. I have some extremely christ-tarded friends who are very involved with fighting ”The Law” on the basis of ”the con-stitution”. One of them has written some great works on Land Patents and is fighting a multi year, multi million dollar legal battle with Gary Harrington. Gary was arrested at his home in Oregon for ”illegally” collecting rainwater from three ponds that he made on his 170 acre property. He was put in solitary confinement for 30 days, and has a Land Patent, which according to these folks is the highest legal protection you can have if you own property …. (Well, not really if you… Read more »

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