Truth Hertz: Fury Over the Frauds & The Genius of Tesla (2-22-18)

Charlie continues to take on the recent “tragedy”, talks about celebrities, and starts a discussion of the technological wizard Nikola Tesla.

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Charles the 2015 yearbook photo was definetly faked. The page was lifted from the MSDHS 2017 Yearbook, and a fake 2015 Redondo Shores yearbook page was created, using the same students photos from the MSDHS yearbook, not just David Hogg’s. It was known that David Hogg used to live in Southern California, or visits there, because he posted a viral video on his youtube page of an altercation with a lifeguard in Redondo Beach. So the person (probably working for the feds, or the faction that staged the shooting) took advantage of this and faked the 2015 yearbook page, because they were aware of Hogg’s connection to Redondo Beach, knowing that others were too, and seized the opportunity to make the fake yearbook photo, going… Read more »


We are literally on the verge of a time when the likes of Sheriff IsraHell and his dumbass minions can have any of us locked up in the looney bin for simply telling the truth about them and you are quibbling about a trivial point and writing a ridiculously long-ass comment about it. Fucking pathetic.


Renny, I’m sorry your pea-sized brain is so small that it can’t comprehend my comment, and why it was necessary for someone to make it. But that’s not my fault. Blame your genetics, not me.


The best way to attack the credibility of the hoaxes is to use the official news footage and narrative and just pick it apart. That’s all Peekay ever does and usually by the time he’s finished there’s nothing left but an obvious fairytale. Just look at what doesn’t make sense in the footage or the offcial story and point it out. Things like teenagers who supposedly witnessed a massacre that killed a bunch of their classmates calmly talking about pending gun legislation in an interview. Either they had a huge interest in it before or they looked it up just after the “shooting” when they would normally be too emotional to think straight. As soon as I saw that I knew it was fake. There… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

What a lost opportunity to say that freaking little book was the Bible. No bulletproof vests required folks. | Great commentary on Tesla. We are tax-slaves, that is the purpose of it all.


No one should drink water out of plastic. Buy a full water filtration system and tote your fluids around in a glass container. Plastic leeches xenoestrogens into the water and the water isn’t clean to start out with. Get a reverse osomosis water filter for the entire apartment/house or get at the very least filters for the kitchen sink and shower.


My YT CH of 10+ years was just terminated minutes ago… BAM BAM I got the boot while searching lotsa parkland Hogg stuff…. haha….. 332 Vids flushed but I backed up the ones I wanted. Keep fighting, gang.


Here are some links for you all to help discern whether these are some Jew clues or real info …. hard to tell, but the arrest pic of Hogg sure seems like same NOSE for sure, ears are def funky …. does anyone have a link where CAMERON KASKY calls Stoneman HS “Stillman”? …. I think CG attributed that faux pas to Hogg but I am finding it was Kasky…. anyhow, everyone keep plugging away.


Check this if you haven’t seen


I agree about Tesla wholeheartedly. Fun fact – he was a flat earther so that you globetards know it