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8 years ago

I can’t get the show to download, I hit on the little arrow
but nothing happens.

8 years ago

Yeah it’s working. Try Opera Browser. That’s a fast and functional browser George.

8 years ago

Love the way you are playing longer segments of such classic tunes…adds a lot to the show for me.


8 years ago

To download shows I’ve always just clicked on the feed page link at the top that says in big letters “DOWNLOAD EPISODES & SUBSCRIBE W/ RSS” That way you have all the shows in one place and you can then just rightclick the first highlighted link for each & “save target as” (or whatever command your chosen browser uses). Always works perfectly this way.

Juden Raus
8 years ago

Love listening to Sinead and Charles Giuliani. Giuliani smashes the joooooish Bi-bull to pieces like no one I have ever heard. And three cheers to Sinead for speaking out about the absolute nonsense that is circumcision. I personally don’t care if joooish babies get their little peckers cut off, but for humans to be subjected to this barbarity is an obscene crime.

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