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6 years ago

Some mad #&%@ going on alright.

The makeup one has been debunked apparently.

6 years ago

Not that anything is different, but your recent shows are FIIIIIIIRE. Superbness.

6 years ago

Great stuff Charles! In the future they will unleash mini drones to eliminate dissidents. The tech is already developed. On YT there is a channel that covers a lot of tonights subjects, the only problem is the guy is a bible cuck from Boston!

6 years ago

Here’s the one charles mentioned about the Al Roker stare.
Weird but kind of funny

6 years ago

I dont think “Sophia” is that smart. Its basically a Siri with a talking head. Also i think the back of the head is not covered with skin for “show” reason only, lots of wires and a blinking led going on there. She also sometimes has the same reply in different interviews, changes the subject to something she has scripted lines for or says nonsensical stuff like “the UN is humanities greates achievement”. The really interesting thing is how humans worship this thing and project intelligence onto it. Making it an excellent propaganda mouthpiece. Its an authority figure. They can let it say things like “we need a world government to solve global problems” and people will be more readily accept that because “sophia” said… Read more »

6 years ago

this probably isn’t the right attitude to have & i don’t know how much i even really mean it….but all this apathy as well as blatant disregard for others & animalistic behavior you say man is reduced to anymore…well i am kinda envious of the apathy part…i guess it falls in line with the ignorance is bliss concept. i am the opposite. i feel not only empathy but sympathy in many cases, & man oh man does this crap get depressing. would be great to have the capability to shut it the hell off. torturous really.

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