Truth Hertz: Headlines and Callers (1-4-21)

Charlie talks about what is going on in our present predicament and takes some calls.

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17 days ago

Viktor Orban is not a decent guy, not even close. He’s a piece of shit, a CHABAD puppet and most likely a crypto-jew. Genuine Hungarian nationalists would call for his head to be on a spike for his high treason. His opposition to Soros is just theatre because if it was genuine, he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with CHABAD or Israel but instead he is very closely affiliated with both. All of whom are onboard with the same communist agenda as Soros is. Ever since Orban came to power in Hungary, everything has turned for the worse for the Hungarians. Hungary has had one of the biggest declines in freedoms since Orban took office, according to ‘Freedom House’ 2020 report, they’ve lost… Read more »

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Anton Zyttidell
Reply to  Ursa
16 days ago

Exactly, there is hope for someone in office to be a beacon of light for us.
They are all Zionist puppets and involved to Jews anyway.
Our only hope is with us to rebel, the resistance is with us. Maybe we need to be more in a position of, we have nothing left to loose situation before we strike back.
Good info Ursa.

17 days ago

White people as flesh eating Zombies, that’s all Jews have for us, in spite of Jean Zombi and the Haitian Genocide, so, so long ago that few of us remember or care to know. Almost as spitefully pathetic as eating the ears of Haman during Purim. Judaism is about reciting grievance whilst Christianity preaches forgiveness; figure it.

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Robert Heimdal
14 days ago

COVIN (noun) “law a conspiracy between two or more persons to act to the detriment or injury of another”
Merriam Webster
Collins Dictionary

11 days ago

yeah there definitely needs to be an autobot call guillotine at 3m.


Robert Heimdal
9 days ago

Disneygulag 2021 and great disappointment with Denmark 🙁
Disneyland Becomes ‘Mass-Vaccination Super-Site’ (Jan 13, 2021) by ZH
Denmark Introducing COVID “Vaccine Passport” (Jan 13, 2021) by ZH

13 days ago

Funny how the vaccine is being administrated mainly first to establishments and institutions . What next? To big corporations employees such as Walmart and big grocery store chains since the majority have a pharmacy already in place…. Then what’s left . School children and the rest of the public. Whem a small majority refuse it will they be penalized As the same with the whole mask ordeal ( phase 1). Well guess what stage we are in now. Well will we be a Wuhan country sort of speak. Since it spread from that epicenter it’s been said threw the media China has controlled the plandemic there. I just think its funny how that worked out. Oh and do you remember the Vids with people just… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by Dennis
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