Truth Hertz: Headlines from Hell (11-16-20)

Charlie talks about and the terrible fake news that bombards us on a daily basis.

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Stephen Strickland
2 months ago

Help stop the spread of CV, turn off the TV

Guyus Rockus
2 months ago

The guy (Bruce?) from Texas was a really good call in. Said some funny stuff (from a Brit listening from Poland)

2 months ago

Charlie. Please stop taking so many callers. They contribute nothing to the show. I want to listen to you, an interesting, intelligent person; not these borderline retards.

Reply to  Hate
2 months ago

It’s better to email Charlie than put those comments here all the time as he’s stated on air several times that he doesn’t check the comments sections of his shows. It’s been advised several times here before but I guess like Charlie, not everyone reads the comments before posting their own 😉

Last edited 2 months ago by Mary
Tom Silence
Reply to  Hate
2 months ago

Do we really need Bobby to call in to the show and have pretty much the same conversation about the booklet he had last week? Just wasting valuable show time.

Reply to  Tom Silence
2 months ago

Its Charlie’s project, when he tells me he no longer wants me updating his audience, then I’ll stop calling in. Til then, he wants to continue to promote the site and info. To maximize the audience, it must be repeated, not all fans listen to all shows all the time.
Hence the reason I call in first thing, to reduce any interruptions.

2 months ago

Tom Metzger RIP. I agree with that guy too, the callers are boring and annoying.

Reply to  Rob
2 months ago

Tom Metzger oh yeah the guy that told a bunch of skinheads to go kill gay people on air yeah real smart guy he wasn’t too boring I guess f****** idiot then the southern poverty law center sued him for everything he had. Yeah he had a real good radio show sure.

Reply to  Rob
2 months ago

Not to mention Metzger’s jewish lawyer friend who he’d accompany down to Mexico and buy hookers with.

Last edited 2 months ago by Sinead
Reply to  Sinead
2 months ago

Is Metzger dead?

Reply to  Solveig
2 months ago

Yes and good riddance.

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