Truth Hertz: Hebraic Hijacking of the Sun Chariot (8-15-18)

Charlie gives some updates and then talks about the pagan origins of the sun chariot and sun god, and shows how the Heeby Jeebies took over this same symbolism for their deity and story, although such sun worship is officially condemned by the church.

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charles this must be an old show re your book because i ordered on 13/8 and it arrived today 16/8 from lulu,in australia, just mentioning incase of funny business

Arnold Squshanigger

Jews are very unoriginal with little creativity. Since the dawn of time all they’ve done is stolen ideas and history and written themselves into it. The biggest plagerists ever, and the horders of information and distorters of reality. They are re-writing history in their image and erasing Europeans from it. Time for the sleepers to awaken!


another cracker of a show…makes me spin!