Truth Hertz: Hidden Ties of the Rabble-Rousing Rabbi (9-23-19)

Charles continues his series on the true relations of “King” Jesus, putting his Biblical activities into a greater context.

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Mass Resistance
11 months ago

Wow, best show ever. My mind is blown.

11 months ago

Hey CG watch the following documentary : )
You have done amazing work exposing the Jewish Religion but this video exposes the Muslim Religion… Imagine 2 Billion people worshipping a lie not to mention the wrong way… Mecca is a hoax… this may me the biggest hoax of all time by the amount of people that are being and have been duped!
Ps: the black box 🕋 they worship in Mecca sure looks like the thing the Jews put on their heads when they hump the Roman wall…
Renegade Please pass this video to CG✨
I’m glad that we can still make documentaries like this in the USA 🇺🇸 any other country and this doc would probably be banned!

Reply to  Nick
11 months ago

You’d be better off emailing Charlie. He doesn’t read the comments on the shows very often, if at all.

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