Truth Hertz: Hidden Ties of the Rabble-Rousing Rabbi (9-23-19)

Charles continues his series on the true relations of “King” Jesus, putting his Biblical activities into a greater context.

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Mass Resistance
1 year ago

Wow, best show ever. My mind is blown.

1 year ago

Hey CG watch the following documentary : )
You have done amazing work exposing the Jewish Religion but this video exposes the Muslim Religion… Imagine 2 Billion people worshipping a lie not to mention the wrong way… Mecca is a hoax… this may me the biggest hoax of all time by the amount of people that are being and have been duped!
Ps: the black box 🕋 they worship in Mecca sure looks like the thing the Jews put on their heads when they hump the Roman wall…
Renegade Please pass this video to CG✨
I’m glad that we can still make documentaries like this in the USA 🇺🇸 any other country and this doc would probably be banned!

Reply to  Nick
1 year ago

You’d be better off emailing Charlie. He doesn’t read the comments on the shows very often, if at all.

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