Truth Hertz: The Homosexual Savior & The Transgender Agenda (1-17-18)

Charlie talks wraps up his notes on Jesus being a homo and then starts talking about the massive push to turn children into trannies.

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Maybe Jewsus’s favorite disciple was Richard Spencer’s Hebrew ancestor!?

Am I the only one who has considered the possibility that Christianity could be a 2,000 year old magic spell that derives it’s power from the prayers and worship of it’s adherents?

No you aren’t alone, that’s precisely what has been going on….IMHO.We need to start doing our own counteractive magic. I really believe it could help turn the tide for us.

Scarlett – Counteractive magic, I like that. Maybe we could share poems or art and if enough people appreciate that, it may gain strength the more minds are focused on it. From the little I know in this field, the idea is you have an intent fueled by high emotional state and then released into the universe and then you have to leave it alone and not mess with it after that. What do you think?

I only have a rudimentary understanding of real magic(k), but yeah, I think that’s the gist of it. I think our magic could overpower theirs, given the fact that we have true emotions, founded on truth not lies, and a full understanding of our intent. Not like the infected ones, relying on false intent and false emotions, easily led by those with only evil intentions.

For our magic to work we’d need a common vision. Not that we’d have to agree on everything but on enough to form a framework going forward. The abrahamic cults all have their “holy” books which gives them a common purpose. That alone gives them power over other groups whose vision of the future isn’t codified to the same degree. The Marxists had their “holy” books also promoting a common vision. We’ve seen how powerful that ideology became. Today for anti-Whites they don’t really have a single “holy” book. They have an ideology called “diversity” which gives them strength through a common vision. The vision of “diversity” is basically White countries without Whites. There probably does exist an actual book but it’s not available to… Read more »

WhiteWolf – “For our magic to work we’d need a common vision” Well, we agree that organized religion is like the Walmart of magical spells. Don’t really know how else to put it. I think the Earth is a living entity and that the entire Universe is alive, with different planets having their own energy/intelligence. I’m a believer in Astrology and I think that there is a black sun that can illuminate us from within as opposed to the sun we can see. Does any of that match up with your personal beliefs?

I’m a bit wary of things like astrology and the black sun. So much information of that nature has been corrupted over the years. I do believe thoughts have power though. Some people can harness that power better than others. A group thinking along the same line is more powerful still. So visualize the glory of victory over anti-Whites and their wet dreams of White genocide. We aren’t going away anytime soon.

The earth and universe could very well be alive. Our entire existence could just be part of a universal dream for all we know.

“So visualize the glory of victory over anti-Whites and their wet dreams of White genocide.” Absolutely. I will visualize this in gory detail. I believe that the Old Gods need to come back. The ones that Yahweh and his minions call devils. Yahweh is the liar. He is the one that wants us to be in an animal state, not knowing Good and Evil, but just acting on impulse. The Jews believe that they keep Yahweh in existence with their collective consciousness. I think they may be right about that. He keeps the planet imprisoned in my opinion. He holds us down with an Ironclaw.

If collective consciousness can keep alive yahweh then collective consciousness can destroy him.

The Goldman strikes again
Am I the only one, who sees that big right hand
cocked back and ready
My heart is light, these thoughts are heavy

The Goldman strikes again
He’s there at every turn
And there’s no God above me
What did you learn, from your bible study
The Goldman strikes again

That’s all I got so far. I have a crap load of poems in a folder that I need to go over and tighten up. But, I never shared them with anybody, so this might suck. I tried.

I forgot this part:
He pulls me down with Iron Claw,
He knows my every flaw
The Goldman strikes again

Sounds defeatist now that I think about it. Scrap that, it’s garbage.

I recently had this personal epiphany in a visceral way – after Charles’ shows at the holidays, and just things coming together. The New Age ‘love and light’ doctrines attempt to bring back stragglers, and keep them from thinking negative thoughts, or doing anything about evil (it’s all karma). I think they had to bring in Islam as the fastest growing jew-spell religion, because Christianity is losing its hold among Aryans – and doing it by force in Europe, to keep our folk from returning to our roots. I know two mega philosemites among family – one is christian, another new age. Both have the righteous air of rising above it all, and being a protector of the tribe, as the real awakening begins.

Interesting. I bet Satanism (of the LaVayan type) is a way of messing with our natural magical abilities. Giving improper instruction on how to do spells.

It always has been that Nate, without subjects/voters a power that is semetic has nothing. Always be weary of mono/thesist anything. It’s not even good for food forests 🙂 So if someone like a christ tard says they will pray for you it’s a definite ‘please don’t’ from me. That being said they can’t stand in my presence for long or look at my eyes these days. The followers are very scared & full of pomp at the end of the day, for it’s the only way they can be subservient to the jew in the sky. It’s the same as Islam, but even more so. In truth jew sus & allah is the same semetic prick. I read your other comment by the way… Read more »

You could be right but a lot of it’s power originally came from things like burning heretics at the stake instead of magic. That and the intriguing and organizational skills of the Vatican which are on par with it’s tag team partners of Judaism and Islam. You could throw in masons and probably a few more outfits we’ve never heard of as well.

It’s a multi-headed beast. The bulk of it’s power comes from people seeing each head as separate. Whichever side/cult you pick is controlled by the same mob. All the religious wars did was to make all the believers more hardcore defenders of their respective cult.

@Nate, Certainly a large percentage of humans worshipping & praying to an ancient war god that supports mass slaughter, child sacrifice and child rape, rape for women, slavery, theft of land & property through usury against non-Hebrews, & hating your family but loving your enemy, has a negative effect on our world. It keeps people frozen in consciousness. Although many believers seem to be ignorant of the quite evil passages of the bible, they still blindly adhere to its belief system. Even non-believers give the evil bible a pass.That is why so many cannot seem to stand up to the ongoing, horrific slaughter occuring in the Middle East, usury against the Goyim, etc. Yahweh just loved him some mass slaughter. As regards to the magic… Read more »

I’ve already read Isaiah before and have heard pretty much all of Guilini’s shows. I’m a huge fan of that guy. You’re preaching to the choir on this one. I know all about the bashing of babies on rocks and the ravaging of the women before their eyes, etc. I also know about the sick sadistic future set up for the goyim in Revelation. I was never raised in the church or went to church for that matter, so this stuff is a little shocking to me. It’s like the more someone is engrossed in the Church, the less they are able to see these things. At least my parents did 1 thing right.

As I posted here: I have an idea for a truth-clarification flyer: “Communism, Cultural Marxism, Multiculturalism, Postmodernism and Zionism are anti-universe forces.” (Source for the term “anti-universe force”; warning, the essay depicts graphic violence: Also, has anyone read the preface of the Epoch Times’ new series The Ultimate Goal of Communism? If not, it can be read here: Here is a somewhat relevant gem from the preface: “After losing their culture, humanity will lose their standards for how to be human. In the eyes of gods, people will become mere animals covered in human skin—incapable of restraining themselves through morality—leading to their rapid descent toward depravity. They will be rendered unable to understand the heavenly message the Creator will reveal to save… Read more »

Yay, another episode of fork-tounged Chuckyfuck JEWliani, Renegade’s token (?) libtard yippy homo-lover and his commie race-mixing phone groupie. So glad to hear this on a NATIONAL SOCIALIST/WHITE NATIONALIST website. How it reinforces your tottering credibility to have this troofer and his ass-kissing minions spewing their “compassion” on us.

Compassion huh? You’re right, the best way to get the common man on our side, is to act like sadistic, foaming at the mouth Hollywood Nazis, who want to dominate everybody and control all aspects of their lives. Great point.

Nate, this is misunderstanding but you started it.
I was addressing “gkruz” in my original comment. You jumped in thinking I was replying to you and confused me.

Are you serious? LOL! I was wondering what hell was going on. I was actually getting worked up into quite a lather. That’s hilarious. I’m sorry if I said anything offensive. I’m laughing so hard my eyes are tearing up right. OMG! You have no idea how pissed I was.

Triggered much?

LOL! The triggering is great in this one! Sad truth is he probably calls himself a christian. Some people just can’t help but reinforce the ones they attack with their own stupidity & ignorance.

You know what’s great about all you trolls lately?…You guys are trying so hard, getting your panties all in a bunch; but we couldn’t give two shits. You’re not phasing us, even a little, so go away. Fuck off and stop wasting your wasted life.

You’re not even any good at trolling. What’s a matter, Guiliani is being too level headed, rational and reasonable? He’s not fitting the Hollywood stereotype and making us look bad? That’s what you fuckers want isn’t it?

Charles’s approach is moral and reasonable.
You’re not genuine, yourself.

Yrton – Who’s not genuine? Me or gkruz?

Using cheap ad hominems, labels like “troofer”, and “us” as if you represent anyone else but yourself, much less the rest of us, which is a very Commie/Jewish tactic, are all signs of not being genuine.
I wrote this not for you, the unworthy, but for the people of Renegade.

“labels like “troofer”, and “us”?” What? Who doesn’t use the word “us” when referring to US? And “troofer”? Can you please point me to that thread where I said that? I’m a commie Jew because I used the word us and supposedly troofer? No, you just overestimate your ability to read people, and you’re freaking paranoid.

BTW, how is “us” Ad hominem? Maybe I’m just not that bright, but that doesn’t make sense. You’re just an “us” so who cares what you have to say, because you’re an “us”. I don’t get it. Please explain.

This has been eye opening, I’ll say that. It looks like you’re just trying to get me riled up. Well mission accomplished! I’ll see where the thumbs go and then I’ll really have an idea of what the fuck is going on here. I am the honest one here, God dammit! I don’t think you are!

You know my heart right? You paranoid fool. Until you have some proof or at least give a reason for this assumption, keep your stupid mouth shut!

Wow! Paranoid much?!

How am I the paranoid one? Yrton is the one claiming to know my intentions based on nothing. Look up the meaning of paranoid please, because that just doesn’t make sense.