Truth Hertz: Human Sacrifice in the New World (9-21-15)


Where did human sacrifice come from among the Aztecs and Maya?

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Hello Charlie, I see the greatest story never told on here. More like the greatest scam never told. Some folks just never learn. Henry Makow, has posted some
great info on this zionist scam, inter alia.


WTF you on about geoffrey? Isn’t Makow just another Alex Jones camp conspirotard figurehead for you to follow around? He’s also jewish sooo… “Oh muh gawd! Da Illuminaughties are comin’ 4 u Geoffrey!!! Quik! Grab your lifestraws, water filters & erection pills and head for da bunkuh!!!”


Oh noes, wait… it wasn’t da Illuminaughties… it was dose friggin’ aliens!!! From the planet… Oh hang, the earth is flat sooo….

telena helotova

good one charlie!


Thanx Renegades for bringing Charlie on board. Undoubtedly the no1 reasearcher when it comes to tribal activity. Welcome aboard Charlie


Geoffrey, ‘the greatest scam never told’ ….? more like the greatest scam you got sold. I think you should qualify your statement. As for Henry Makow , or Henry Sacred Cow, you still fall for that tosh? pah! It’ll be Vigilant Shit-izen youre recommending next , oh puhlease.


Rabbitoh, the illuminaughty from da hollow earth planet are actually a proto-masonic germanic death cult who collect jewish shrunken heads and display them in the inner earth at welwesberg castle in the style of ‘the many faced god’ , they’re cryogenically frozen nazis who’ve been in stasis since 1942 and are thawed annually for the build-a-bear conference wherein they provide skin lamps and kosher soap for every hotel room especially when its a holiday inn or marriot hotel hosting it ‘coz the jewish owners have all the skin lamps and poop-diamonds stored at auschwitz along with 500 left footed shoes. Its true henry sacred cow said so.

Oy vey, goy, listen to the jew-“christian” Henry Makow. He’s a good jew and he’ll tell you all about the Jesuits as well as how all of those evil Nazis were secretly jewish, oy gevalt.


Righto Geoffrey, whatever you say “mate” 😉 Got any non-jewish sources for that tidbit of old-hat hasbara troll BS you’re peddling there? wink wink nudge nudge


next joffrey will be telling us barbara bush is aleister crowleys lovechild lol

Wow it is not that hard to figure out. Jesuits are crypto jews and that Hitler fellow was a pawn chosen to lead Germany to destruction. All his top advisers were jewish. Only a fool refuses to see the truth. Looks like this site is no different than that jew fraud stormfront.