Truth Hertz: Iran Conflict, Philistine Giants, and Elongated Skulls (1-13-20)

Charles talks about what’s currently unfolding with the Iran situation, continues his notes on the Philistines and delves into the topic of giants, and then gets into the widespread phenomena of elongated skulls throughout time.

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4 years ago

I’ve been getting into the Iran ‘conflict’ still and research on our other middle eastern wars, including why exactly Israel/the Jews want them since that part seems kinda confusing (like is it mostly the land they want, or other natural resources?), and military. Part of it is depressing, especially finding out the number of deaths of our military and civilians in the countries they were in since it seemed like the troops were brainwashed into thinking practically every civilian was a potential ‘terrorist’ and that since they’re muslim they’re naturally violent. Ironically but sadly I realized it’s our military who were or are mostly the violent ‘terrorists’ there. I also found online articles of former military who felt extremely guilty, as they should, especially if… Read more »

4 years ago

How is Iran opposed to Israel other than just in words only? I have still yet to see Iran do anything to Israel that is damaging to them in any way. Do not give me they fought ISIS bullshit, Russia fought against ISIS and so did Assad, does that make them also good? The intention of ISIS was never to take over the middle east but to used it to create further chaos and havoc to divide and weaken Iraq, Syria and Lebanon even further and to give Israel, the U.S and even Russia the excuse needed to bomb Israel’s enemies further into the stone age. ISIS served its purpose. Iran is playing their role in keeping countries such as Iraq and Lebanon divided by… Read more »

Reply to  Solen
4 years ago

It’s the other way around. And from the heebe jeebees’ side, it’s NOT just words, it’s VICIOUS obliteration of Iran!

4 years ago

Order of chaos. The wise is the prize. From the powerful the more power to gain. Power within the mind of mind control, Information control Russian doll labyrinth of conspiracy’s. Focus of distraction, problem reaction solution, as long as they have your attention. Go along to get along, what is it they don’t want you to see, perceive. Where did you go when your mind went astray, what you dreamed but can’t quite remember? People, places, familiar strangers, like a split personality living a double life on a need to know basis. Secret agent unpaid spy,the known unknowns the unknown known’s, the invisible cap on the pyramid? Wake up to your knowing of it fall asleep again. I know all but have no idea, I’ll… Read more »

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