Truth Hertz: Iran Contra Scandal and Current Politics (9-27-16)


Charlies takes some callers, continues the discussion of Iran, and the joke that is our electoral season.

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Here are a few links that should change your mind on Donald Trump..

Trump saw on 9/11/2001: bombs were used on WTC

Donald Trump on 9-11 (Full Interview)

Les Visibe’s, 9 11 Litmus Test, (Snordlehans) “Mirrored Video”

If for no other reason why White Nationalists should vote for Donald Trump, his position on 9-11 is reason enough.. Keep in mind he’s working from within the crooked Jew system..

Really? I think you’re in the wrong place bub! 😀


No mind changing here. Oy vey, take a trip to Jew York and find out!