Truth Hertz: Iran Hostage Crisis (9-26-16)


Charles discusses a variety of topics, with a focus on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and what it was really about.

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I find listening to your podcast shows there is a lot of interference or intermittent breaking up of your audio. I also listen to other Renegade podcasts and don’t seem to have this issue. Is it your Skype connection that is defective or what? Some podcasts are worse than others. This particular podcast of the Iran hostage crisis seems to be one of your intermittent audio problem shows. Maybe it’s your microphone? Something is causing your in and out problems.


I agree. Too bad that Charles does not care to read comments left here, so no use to you directing them to him.


yes he does. Charles receives them in his email. If they are important charles will comment on it on the next show