Truth Hertz: Jackie O Addendum & Churchill Conclusion (7-11-18)

In the first hour Charlie brings up some new aspects to his JFK assassination investigation, which involves Jackie as the trigger-puller, and then gets on to the genocidal closure of Churchill’s killer career in the second hour.

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There’s a very good possibility the Kennedy assassination was just another elaborate staged hoax. The Zapruder film (yes, Zapruder was both a mason and a jew) is one of the most doctored, jacked up films in the history of the world. Jackie was, no doubt, nothing more than just another in a long line of tranny first “ladies.” Pathetic.


We had that ”classic” picture of JFK up on the wall for a couple months, but when I read about his sister whom his dad had lobotomized, I threw that shit in the garbage. Just another scummy hollywood (wouldn’t doubt it tranny) family. Whether the murder was real or wasn’t, if Jackie the tranny did it or didn’t, that whole psychological operation nearly castrated the entire population of American men. It served it’s purpose at the time well. Thank god we can see things for what they really are – jewish hollywood theatre. EVERYTHING on TV is, without exception. The power the All-lies demanded in their ”non negotiable peace terms” with Germany, Italy, and Japan, they already had in America. I had never heard that… Read more »


pretty sure Operation Gomorrah is still going on.. ”wild” fires are yet again raging all across America and have been since Spring! How many homes have been destroyed by ”uncontrolled” fires that could have been put out with 747 super tankers with water, not the toxic concoction of ”fire retardants” before they became ”uncontrollable” and just ”allowed to burn”? I know for a fact that here in Oregon, firefighters were told to ”stand down” last summer on more than one fire. My fact source is/was a firefighter on the scene who was ordered to ”just watch the fire” and sit there. Pretty soon most people will just believe that we’ve ”always had fire season”, instead of Summer. Un-fucking-believable what is going on, but go on… Read more »

I’m not sure about the situation in Oregon with respect to Monolithic Dome homes.

But I do know, that Monolithic Dome structures can survive fires, among other disasters; that’s a good benefit for monolithic dome hospitals.


I’ve been into the many benefits of domes for a few years, and would love to build a dome home.
Just requires money and time I don’t have.
Otherwise, they are awesome.

It is my understanding that when a fire comes through, there is no way animals or people can stay and survive anywhere, or in any home.
A building might survive, but the air will be consumed by the fire as it passes.


Who cares about JFK. I don’t care about all the sanctions he put on Israel and his disdain for the FED. He single handedly dealt more long term damage to Whites than all other presidents combined. He got his just rewards for selling out White America. Let his killing be a lesson for anyone who thinks they can commit treason against their race and think they’re untouchable once they’ve done their kosher dirty work. And let’s never talk about him ever again.

Kenny McBride

That don’t deserve an answer Hoss…


Jackie O. Looks like a Rokefeller.


Jackie O looks like a feller…….as do all first “ladies”.


Was Japans government already infiltrated by jews and/or masons and had Japan play the role of bringing the U.S into the war? Because it is hard believe that a legit gentile Japanese government though it would be a good idea to declare war on the U.S, starting a two-front war, a war they never had any chance of winning, it could only serve as a suicide move. The Japanese could never pose any threat to the U.S, specially when considering that the U.S had Canada (which was subservient to Britain) to back them up if needed. So i do not buy the whole “they were provoked to attack the U.S” excuse, the Japanese declaration of war against the U.S never made any sense to me… Read more »

Kenny McBride

I got to tell you after that movie The Dark hour Gary Oldman portrayed they love Churchill

wolf GT

Charles gets better by the day. If only by some form of white magic the whole world would hear what he has to say -what a btter place it would be.


ChurchHill’s deep hatred for the people of India is quite bizarre. I wonder if it had anything to do with Hitler taking the Swastika as their symbol or if ChurchHill’s hatred of Indians is the reason Hitler took the Swastika. Either way, he didn’t rally behind the cross. Hitler had a deep interest in Hindu (Vedic) scripture and was a vegetarian, which is part of Hindu religion. He wanted to create a Vedic civilization like that of the Vedic Golden Age. The term Aryan comes from the Vedas. This is our true religion and Christianity is a cheap rip off of it, with all kinds of poison being added in with the transcendental aspects of this true religion built on top of a dung hill… Read more »


Churchill was a jew. The jewish mindset is a deep, intense, hatred for ALL non-jews. They LOATHE all goyim.
Sometimes they talk about it, sometimes they don’t, but the fire rages inside the jewish body to destroy anything and everything that isn’t jewish or kosher.
The best among the goyim are to be slaughtered.. skin color means nothing to them, it’s the psychopathic mindset that (((they))) alone are gads’ chosen people who deserve 2800 of us as slaves each.
Look how many christ-tards they’ve murdered and sent to die, and the christ-tards support their ”chosen-ness” and right to extinguish all non-jewish life!
I bet Winnie Mandela got her ”kill your own” mentality from the jewish infection.. (I’m referring to the ‘practice’ of blacks ‘necklacing’ other blacks..)

Kenny McBride

Check out Parker Posey in the play Movie House of O

m edward

Hmmm. So I want to say that I’ve listened to many of Charlies shows and have really enjoyed most. But Jackie shooting JFK and handing the gun to a secret service agent … Really ?!!!! ………….. I really don’t know what to say. That did not happen. I hope that you address this fallacy in a future podcast.


Were Jackie and Marilyn Monroe the same creature? They very well may have been. As this video shows, the two were strikingly similar. I don’t have the slightest doubt that the bastards could have pulled this off, and I certainly know they love playing this kind of shit game on us.

Kenny McBride

Jackie going to be football star going to give his best James Dean