Truth Hertz: Jeanice Barcelo – Birth Trauma (4-25-16)


Charles speaks to Jeanice Barcleo of Birth of a New Earth about how children and parents are being duped into traumatized their babies and themselves through the tortures of hospital birth.

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I know Jeanice. I met her last year at the stupid FYMC in philly. She is really the only one who is saying what I have been saying. Actually I clued her into John 8:44 KJV at the conference. She never knew that verse. Jew doctors are killing thousands of mostly European Americans a day, everyday. I just didnt know the gory details. 2 weeks ago I brought your Black Dahlia series (that caused “brain damage” here lol) to Jeanice’s attention because it showed how doctors were satanic, and Jeanice says what I said, “Abortion is human ritual sacrifice” All medicine is judeo satanism. All of it. No wonder everyone is sick and mentally ill. Medicine broke attachment between family members. I see teenagers walking… Read more »


Your shows get heavy rotation on my FM micro. I might have some books you maybe interested in.


Great show as always. What a truly sick, fucked up world we live in. (Thanks jews!) Time for a real holocaust.

A great show, because Jeanice always has vital info to share with people. I think Charles only interrupted so much because he was excited by the topic.

Leila Abdelmeguid

Thanks so much for this wonderful program! As a mother, this is one of my favorite episodes so far. Unfortunately, I have made some of these mistakes with my children in the past. It’s great to know the truth, so that I can avoid repeating them in the future. I can definitely say that natural birth is one of the best experiences I ever had. I would recommend natural home birth to all women, if they are able to do so.

Thanks for the great interview full of valuable information!

Shame about the electronically demonised rock music though. Couldn’t you play something less satanic?

I highly recommend Jeanice’s book Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine.

Click on this link to order a copy or copies of Jeanice’s book:


Does Charles thinks that he’s Alex Jones ?
He interrupts the chick every 2 minutes.


nope, Charlie is a real truther, Alex Jones is a fraud


by fraud i mean he is “controlled opposition, and DisInfo


I sure would be a lot better of an interview if Charlie Duke didn’t butt in so much…

The Satanic Bible ON THE CHOICE OF A HUMAN SACRIFICE Pages: 88-89 The use of a human sacrifice in a Satanic ritual does not imply that the sacrifice is slaughtered “to appease the gods”. Symbolically, the victim is destroyed through the working of a hex or curse, which in turn leads to the physical, mental or emotional destruction of the “sacrifice” in ways and means not attributable to the magician. The only time a Satanist would perform a human sacrifice would be if it were to serve a twofold purpose; that being to release the magician’s wrath in the throwing of a curse, and more important, to dispose of a totally obnoxious and deserving individual. Under NO circumstances would a Satanist sacrifice any animal or… Read more »


Maybe the Satanists are the good guys YHWH sure as fuck isn’t good.


Anyone who touts or defends Anton Levy, is an idiot.

Interesting talk other than blaming Satanists and Luciferians. I know the Rockefellers are some real assholes, but I would not consider them Satanic. Have you ever looked into The Satanic Bible? It says animals and children are the purest form of carnal existence therefore they are to be protected.

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

by Anton Szandor LaVey

9. Do not harm little children.

10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.

I just heard an interview with High Priestess of the CoS and she was suggesting the film forks over knives regarding Vegan Diet, so Satanists are opposing and becoming aware of the toxicity in the world.

You’re either a troll or very naive. If you’re only naive, you need to learn from un-biased sources who the rockefellers and satanists are and what they really do.

I know what the Rockefellers have done like the Ludlow Massacre. Workers had to take their kids to work with them in coal mine pits and the Rockefellers would have the national guard gun them down when they went on strike.

I am a Satanist and perhaps looking into Satanism from outside sources is the biased source of info regarding Satanism.


wake up brandon, la vey is a fukin jew, the hole satanic church is a corrupting degenerate jew front, keep deluding yourself at your own peril

In LaVey’s biography the Secret Life of A Satanist he says he had no idea guns where being loaded going to Israel until much late on. He did mention a grandson of Moshe Dayan said he read the Satanic Bible and that Israelis where forced to practice the philosophy in response to the muslims. As for gangsters LaVey took influence from the noir films and mentioned the old school gangsters had more loyalty and honor than the society types also how everything is a racket in society. In Satan Speaks LaVey says he considered Odinism a noble form of satanism. As for Jews his only admiration for them was their ability to thrive under extreme conditions of adversity. He considered their ability to survive as… Read more »


By calling yourself a satanist, you might as well call yourself a jew. LeVey “Levy” was a jew. He was a criminal. He castrated his son, and his daughter hates his guts.

Your name Joe – sephus comes from a Jew name. If your going to call yourself that you may as well call yourself jew. Just saying if where going to get all nit picky.


I dont cheerlead for any jew. Every one I know who gets involved with satanism, is confused and drug addicted. Anton will say one thing and do another. He is a dangerous quack.

Must be pseudo Satanists because satanists are anti drug. Lack of perspective is on of the satanic sins, so seeing things clearly is really emphasized. Most real satanists you would not even realize they where to begin with.


pseudo satanists….lol…so those that only pretend to sell their soul to the jewish desert demons for ill gotten gains


Lucifer isnt satan, even the satanists get this wrong. Satan only APPEARS as an angel of light, cant people read ? Appears means to masquerade.