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7 years ago

It’s funny how the pope wears a yamaka but nobody sees it for what it is.

7 years ago

I always learn something, CG in top form, filed under Jesuits. Good info on David Seaman. I remember when he wrote & stated that after Huffington Post fired him for reporting repeatedly on Hillary Clinton’s health, ALL of his numerous articles were removed from the Huffington Post’s archive files. Is he a tribe member? I was a bit suspicious because he just suddenly appeared on Youtube during the election, and jumped on the Pizza-Gate story and the name Seaman Sea man Semun…semen. (they love playing word games) Since he had been writing regularly for Huff-Post I assumed he was deep in the Matrix. But hearing his friends are being murdered, and he is remaining strong, I will rethink. There is absolutely enough evidence for the… Read more »

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7 years ago

Yes, David Seaman was a bit of a liberal while on the Huffington Post and does readily admit in his youtube videos that he had voted for Obummer both times.

But what I’ve seen coming from him seems very real, and in fact his past background might well be seen as lending him credibility for his attacks on Hillary and his posts demanding investigation of Pizzagate. While he’s more on the Trump Train than I would like (I’m just skeptically standing along the tracks suspiciously eyeing the train, which I intend never to board), Seaman at least declares from where he’s coming. He’s worth watching while keeping your dung-colored glasses of critical distance firmly fixed on your nose.

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