Truth Hertz: Jews Harvest & Benedict Arnold (8-1-16)

benedict-arnold (1)

Charles discusses how jews will finance and arm both sides of conflict after conflict, and then gets into the case of turncoat Benedict Arnold.

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4 years ago

Charlie, it would have been interesting if you would have conducted a small survey after seeing that “Hillary’s America” film.

4 years ago

Great show as always Charles ! Hope you make tomorrow.

Btw, check this shit out on my Twit page, think no ones watching or “Listening” to what goes on on the interwebs ? well here’s the proof:

Reply to  Roj Blake
4 years ago

Oh and that Montgomery character, was related to Elizabeth Montgomery of T.V series “Bewitched” whos father went to Antarctica ? IDK.

Reply to  Roj Blake
4 years ago

She is the daughter of actor Robert montgomery.

4 years ago

Republican perfidy is far worse than that of the Democrats, though they now complement each other:

P.S. Victor Thorn RIP.
Twenty-five years he fought the kike.

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