Truth Hertz: Jewsus the Deviant (1-11-18)

Charlie talks about how Jesus is like daddy Yahweh in his views toward children and his semitic sexuality. A number of calls are taken.

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DEATH PENALTY for CHILDREN??!!! WTF??!! If you Christards actually agree with such demonic crap…you are no better than all the ISIS cut-throats and mass murderers! Once again, Charles Giulliani is spot on!!


Agreed! What Christians do to get out of this is try to seperate from parts of the Old Testament (cherry picking) that they don’t like. The Plausible Deniability that I mentioned in the show. They also try to portray Jewsus as a great liberator of women from the Mosaic Law. Anyone who knows the New Testament knows that you can’t seperate Jewsus from Moses. The former claims to be the fulfillment of the latter. He makes it clear that he came to establish the ((Law)). Whatever ones views are on gender roles; no one can legitimately argue that women not being able to escape an abusive situation is just. Only men had the power of divorce just like Islam the other Abrahamic faith. Jewsus only… Read more »


PS. Women already had this right under Moses if they could prove their husbands guilty of adultery. How that worked out in practice I can only speculate. So you see he didn’t grant them any NEW rights but rather upheld the ((LAW)) of Moses.

Allison MacPherson

I can’t wait for Mr. Guiliani’s book to be released. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He is both funny and highly intelligent, well-reserched as well as better -versed on the bible than anyone I’ve ever come across. It is no wonder our world is in the shape it’s in, after 2000 years of our race following a foreign psychopathic god. Thank-you CG for being such a unique and courageous human being, and thank-you Renegade for hosting these magnificent lessons.

Those who seek to Taint the Minds of the Deliberately Engineered Ignorant masses and have reduced their ability to Problem Solve and Express their Points clearly, are also the Murderers of the Inventors, because:

“The angels have grown tired of the clever” – Kahlil Gibran


Ball earth cuck @ 1:40:00 mark.

Tony Edward

I truly love Charles’s shows, he is one of the best & certainly # 1 at deconstructing the Abrahamic script. I just am not sure if he has opened his mind on the flat earth, I heard him do a show debunking it but it did not convince me, I am not sure what the earth is? All I know is, I can’t feel myself spinning and the fraud (((eienstein))) had to come up with his BS relativity theory to explain it away. I am not sure why luminous bodies in the sky appear round, I suspect there is more land & perhaps a paradise where these scumbags go after they are no longer needed here ie David Rockefeller, Joan Rivers etc. Perhaps at some… Read more »


What I heard Charles say on the subject was, he told people to take a telescope and point it at the moon and you will see the curvature of it. I did it and he was right. Explain this please.

Scott the Strategerist

The earth could be flat while the moon could be round. That proves absolutely nothing.


I’d say that’s pretty unlikely. I don’t think it’s just the moon that is round either.


The “flat Earth” stupidity is nothing but jew mythology keeping control over tiny little minds. Face it, people, the flat earth is a holdover jewish/bible load of BS.

I Have No Life ∴ I Comment

I tried to “face it” but I couldn’t find any irrefutable truth of that Rodulf. You sound so certain of this fact in such short conclusive sentences that you must surely be a very well-educated scholar of this subject who has studied it for many years to uncover the truth. Please point us to actual convincing conclusive research on this matter so that we also may become so enlightened! Thank you oh great one!


You’re one stupid bastard. The idea of a “flat earth” is found throughout the world and predates the Bible and Torah by thousands of years.

Firstly, the Bible never specifies rather the Earth is flat or round.

Secondly, what you have just said is everybody, including ancient Germanic and Nordic mythology, are all Jewish for believing in the flat earth.

You’re either retarded, or you’re a Jew, or you’re both.


No wonder the Aryan race is facing doom with shitheads like you shilling for jewish BS. The Earth is not flat, asshole….


You have actual evidence to suggest it’s round? Have you actually been out there to prove otherwise? There’s a whole lot more that proves your beloved moon landing and everything else is a hoax but I’ll stick with what my ancestors wrote when they described the world’s over your round earth garbage – so in other words – we live on Middle Earth.


Does anyone really know who is behind all the Flat Earth juutube videos that sprang up in the thousands beginning around 2 years ago? I think it is a Jewsih proxy front project to derail the Truth Movement in regards to post 9/11 and the truth coming to light on who was behind it all.


hello? everyone who got fed up with the lies of Scientism and Nasa (never a straight answer – not a space agency, full of asstroNOTs) – see above comment, and those of us who know water never curves and it would be completely impossible to have a beautiful world like we do if it actually was spinning 1,000MPH for billions of years. Once you come out of the hypnotic trance you’ll have a gigantic belly laugh that you once fell for such preposterous nonsense.


Nobody has been out of lower earth orbit. What happened to Virgin space quest and trips to the moon, all hopeful and “gonna happen”? Then there was John Carmack, now the latest space hotster is Elon Musk with his spayse mishun, which will also disappear quietly into the night of forgetfulness. Then someone else will repeat the same shit again and again, because the public have the attention span of a dead goldfish, and you can sell them the same shit again and again, give it enough time between breaks.


if you really believe the ball theory = that the ground you stand on is zooming 1,000MPH – while also zooming 66,000MPH around the SUN – while going 1.3 Million MPH in the nowhere void of vacuum space, and somehow this close little MOON manages to encircle the earth while being 240,000 miles away from earth – then I think you are under hypnotic indoctrination by people who laugh at you for believing such rubbish.


Well it is even less a ball floating in infinite meaningless space.


No dummy, it’s flat and square like a chessboard. The four corners of the Earth is talked about in the Bible. Thumbs down, thumbs down, thumbs down. Boooo! LOL


We really are fighting over NOTHING. Anybody who can’t admit that is just an A-hole. I couldn’t care less what shape the Earth is. Look at the comments and see how divisive this is. Now tell me how important your flat or ball Earth.

pj sinatra

Is Jewish Charlie still making podcasts that go viral? lmao. Fuckin cunt belongs in striped pajamas making rubber.

We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls…. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.

-Adolf Hitler, in a speech in Passau, 27 October 1928


I do not give a F**K about what “Onkel Adolf”, the hater of Slavs and great lover of shit-colored muslim sewer rats, ever said about “Christards” and “Christardism”!… Go on sucking the “Big YA-YAH”‘s c****, if you like it so much!…. LMAO!!


We can’t afford these divisions in our ranks over past conflicts between WHITE European Nations. Hitler was fighting against the Communist who push the race mixing egalitarian agenda. Various Muslim nations sided with Nationalism despite European colonization of Northern Africa. They were his allies in the War. Had he won I seriously doubt that Europe would be full of Muslims and Rape Gangs. What differences Slavs and Germans had; I believe would have been resolved once Communism was out of the way. This is why it’s fair to criticize the ((Roman)) and ((British)) Empires without attacking its people. As for Hitler endorsing Christianity; he had no choice politicaly. He didn’t have the power to overthrow the Church any more than banning beer or eating meat.… Read more »


To Charles Guliani,
You really need to find another venue for your talks. Renegade is apparently to full of cousin-fucking stupids to ever be a positive voice for reason and our Folk. Renegade has just lost me as a listener. And you know what? I think that may be by design. Is Renegade just a false-front, controlled opposition, trying to make race and jew realists look bad? Sure looks that way. I will be sharing this on as many White Nationalists and Odinist sites as I can. Hope I cost you cocksuckers a lot of listeners. Charles, I do like your show, but you got it in the wrong place…

Heathen vegan

If you have such power, why not use it to free your folk. I suppose though, it is much easier and safer to exert your imagined influence in petty ego battles with people who pose you no threat.

Your comments show how you handle disagreement, like a spoiled child. You make a claim and expect someone to accept it, even adding a name or two, to help ease the process.

Rodulf the stick wolf, all blow and no bite.


You don’t say why you won’t be listening. Based on your insults I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s the Flat Earth Theory. Not every one here is a flat earther including the host. I for one believe in the Globe Theory. I never discuss it because; like you most people start hurling insults and all reason is lost. So you might find that you fit in well here. Instead of calling us stupid inbreds and focusing on a Theory that is irrelevant to our SURVIVAL. Why don’t you go after the people in our movement who are promoting homosexuality and endorsing Jews. Your emotional reaction has caused you to lose sight of your priorities.


It never ceases to amaze when Flat Earthers come out en force when honest facts are given in reference to Jewish shinola. This is a common occurrence and I would hope that from this moment forward, that every comment on Flat Earth is entirely ignored by all. Just let them babble on without giving them one second of time in reply. I hope Renegade does a post on this very concept “IGNORE ALL FLAT TARDS” and ask their listeners/readers to do the same.


we all grew up with the indoctrination to believe the spinning water ball – as counterintuitive as it is. However, the only group ever to claim to have evidence of “ball” ness has been outed as fraudsters and liars, over and over again. NASA. complete fraudsters. Now if you like your movies and teevee shows and fake computer graphics and paintings, that’s your choice. However the evidence is in – check out globebusters and mark sargent’s vids for starters… – see my other comments here – it’s truly a relief for the scam to be called out. In the Grand Chessboard, only pawns believe they live on a spinning water ball in a vacuuum going 1.3 Million miles an hour – it’s a classic hypnotist… Read more »


The Spinning Ball Theory has been with us long before NASA and video were ever dreamed of. ALL Flat Earthers that I have ever seen or heard say the Earth is fixed and motionless. This is necessary to the Geocentrist argument as well. This means Space is moving around us and we are not moving through it. So how do you explain the retrograde motion of Mars in relation to us? The Geocentric/Flat Earth model requires Mars to perform spirals at 180 degrees in the course of its orbit. Ockham’s Razor eliminates this. If everything else we see in space is round doesn’t the burden of proof belong to those who want to prove we are the exception? It’s the ultimate NOT ALL bull shit… Read more »