Truth Hertz: King David as Pharaoh Thutmose (6-24-19)

Charlie talks about how the Biblical narrative of King David makes much more sense when we realize the connections to ancient Egypt.

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Charlie you are hands down my favorite broadcaster on any media anywhere. I’ve researched so many things for
several years and there is virtually no one telling the “real truth” out there like you do. Looking forward to your new upcoming YouTube channel and I will subscribe immediately. If it has already been established I haven’t found it yet. Peace and Love to you my friend.

Johnny Walker Read

It seems obvious the Old Testament is form of typology based on Egyptian history, just as the gospels(New Testament)was a typology of the Old Testament. I recommend Joe Atwill’s “Caesars Messiah” as an addition to Charles’s excellent work here.


Although Jan Irvin has wrecked his reputation by selling out, I think his pre-cuck Joe Atwill video shows Joe to be of questionable character. What do I know?

Joe Atwell EXPOSED

Johnny Walker Read

The whole world is CIA, MI6, or MOSSAD seems like. Who the hell knows. All I know is Caesars Messiah opened my eye’s to the sham that are “The Gospels”.


Wow Charlie, absolutely amazing stuff. I’m still shaking my head. You are a national treasure. I am just astounded with the dots you continue to connect. Thankyou.

As far as Atwill is concerned, -that video by yawn Irvin (Obvious sell out scumbag is supposed to prove anything?)

Seriously, where is your discernment? Atwill has tons of stuff out there, including Caesar’s Messiah -(Which I also recommend) Aside from his Catholic apologetics, he has some very valid points. Or throw the baby out with the b/w.
Your choice…but one wonders how you can listen to Charlie here with that same filter and find any value?


Hi, I would like to buy Charlie’s book, What’s wrong with the Bible, but would like to purchase from him directly instead of through Amazon. Is there a way to do this? Thnx!

Johnny Walker Read

How far has worship of the (((tribe))) gone by US politicians? Click in on this video at the 44:39 minute mark. I know these guys are Christian’s, but they are rabid anti-Zionist. I have never been more disgusted!

Brave New World

Hi Johnny. If you don’t already know, you can send videos on whatever specific part of the video by copying the minute/second marker to get the shortened URL at the specified time you want.