Truth Hertz: King Tut’s Tale (5-30-16)


Charles discusses the famous boy king of Egypt and puts his short reign into a larger context.

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Sorry CG, but you live in a rural Massachusetts town and have never been culturally enriched by blacks. You sound just like those ridiculous libtards who don’t live near blacks but push blacks on working class whites.


The elite probably thought that Blacks were supposed to be motivation for working class whites to work harder. Maybe the elite forgot to pass out whips to the black so blacks could properly get back at whitey. It is strange to see this institution side by side with Christianity. I’m ready to see megachurches converted into dual use Trump Casinos M-Sat.

On the ball

Giuliani is great, but the rant was way over the top. Yes, there are a few good blacks and jews, but it’s so damn hard to find them, it’s really not worth the effort.

Anthony Roberts

Fascinating insights Charles – especially the trans gender link with today. The tribe’s film script hasn’t changed through millennia.
Agree 100% with you on tats and piercings on both sexes. Unattractive and a weakness of inner-self imo.
There will be one neutral washroom and they’ll have those lavatory doors off quicker than the trousers at a Trump orgy! Keeping holding it in Charles – but let the truth tumble out.

Anthony Roberts

Just caught your 2nd hr. I’m not talking about that caller, but most decent white people are not supremacist or arrogant. We have a right stop our genocide. How do we respond when the tribe control the question and answer? Your response of ‘prejudiced’ would be exactly the one they want. It stifles a natural response and leads to further decay and eventual death. They are using their proxy tools ( blacks, homos, cult marx ) to get rid of us. What other option do we have but to defend ourselves from well known deceptions and deport them ( even the good ones. ) Animals do not invite predators into their group if they want to live very long! It’s that naive thinking that has… Read more »


A white ‘supremacist’ according to antiwhites is any white person that does not want white people to become an abused minority in their own lands by mass immigration.

Not wanting invaders to destroy white people is now called ‘hateful’, ‘racist’, ‘supremacy’, etc.

Assisted suicide is a virtue according to those who screech ‘racism’ as a means of shaming people that reject antiwhite terminology, especially when done in front of an audience who accepts antiwhite terminology as reality.

The joy of learning cool things.

I agree with Charles. It seems to me the only people giving CG grief are the Biblically duped and the weak. Kick ass Charles. People need to wise up and toughen up.

HAHA I love it ,I have this album,bought it when i came out.Perfect intro song.Triumph,fight the good fight.May I leave a link to another song/video that I think is very inspirational ,

Lol,isreal is going into multicultural mode ,that reminds me ,you will absolutely love this…


Charlie’s moving into bullshit territory. Everyone knows, and has known, that the christianity malarkey was an italian (roman) invention … but it’s time for the undergrad to start backing his assertions up with DOCUMENTED FACTS and not some nebulous “book” that he has picked up somewhere thanks to some unknown contributors generosity.

Time to get real Charlie!

jerry bolduc


Christianity existed way before Constantine imposed the Cathoic Church on the Romans and ultimately the rest of Europe. Europeans were forced to convert to Catholicism but it is well documented not only through the original books being written in Aramaic but through Roman history and their persecution of Berber Christians and Donatists in North Africa. Recorded history of the Early Church Fathers and there is also mentions of Jesus in other writings including the Qu’ran, Nag Hammadi codices and Talmud.


Archeologists aka professional forgers… Finding the ‘Dead Sea scrolls’ and other modern papyri fragments far less probable than finding a Yeti, even real scientists make up bull, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when an archeologist vomits up Egyptian conspiracy theories based on a convenient pseudo history to justify tenure. After all, we are all Africans that are 99% identical to chimps according to the geniuses in academia.


Sorry but archaeologists are for the most part are very interested in history and are not professional hoaxers. Archaeologists did not find the initial Dead Sea Scroll texts. There were discovered by Bedouin sheperds. Archaeologists simple investigated further and found more…..much more, over 900 texts. If you knew about how Israel stole the scrolls from the Palestinian Archaeology Museum during the 6 day war then you might think twice about the legitimacy of the archaeologists as they were not under the Zionist state’s control or the fact it’s impossible to forge 900+ different texts in different languages perfectly then placing them in ancient pottery scattered in 11 caves. Also Israeli archaeologists were quick to purchase some of the initial texts. To say it’s more probably… Read more »


“Archaeologists did not find the initial Dead Sea Scroll texts. There were discovered by Bedouin sheperds.”

^According to the official narrative, yes. Just think about how convenient the discovery dates of these magical scrolls are. They were a miraculous ‘discovery’, indeed.

I read enough science articles in fields of science that are far less politically charged than the pseudoscience known as archeology. The amount of lying and fabrication that goes on even in a politically neutral field such as the biological sciences is astounding.

In a better world archeology would be categorized as fiction, sitting next to Harry Potter on the book shelf collecting dust.


Yes, people who publish articles have agendas but professional archaeologists themselves for the most part wouldn’t publish articles or have a biased approach. It’s usually further along in the system were all the bs agendas comes into play. Especially anything coming through the media. There are fakes posing as archaeologists on TV for fake archaeology digs like Scott Wolter (claims to be an archaeologist, yet has no degree upon research) on America Unearthed and the disgraced Caroline Sturdy who was part of a Treblinka dig hoax for a Jew controlled TV network. There are also fanatical Biblical Archaeologist who are just out to prove their religious bs.There are always hoaxers trying to make a buck too, but I can’t just dismiss finds either because they… Read more »


Good show Charlie. Dont let that criminally insane caller get you too pissed off ok? that’s just what he wants. Don’t let him get you too upset because he isnt worth your time or your health. The caller is obviously just some criminally insane psychopathic loner with nothing better to do in his life than listen to shows he doesnt like and call in to say something stupid and meaningless. I don’t mean he’s religiously psychopathic like most of them. But this guy obviously needs to be rushed to the nearest looney bin quickly as possible. if he’s not already calling from one during “play time”. LOL any ways don’t let him piss you off too much, it’s not worth your health. Just let him… Read more »


I don’t agree with the CI’s but the arguments you used above are the same insults the Jews and Commies use against their enemies.


ohh! Portugalfree. YOU’RE The Caller?/??? i might have guessed LMAO. i see you invited alot of your friends to the site to vote up all your bullshit posts too, huh? dumb prick


No I am not the caller. I have been listening to Truth Hertz since 2014. I just disagree with some of his views


Hearing Charles screech “raycist! raycist!” over and over was reason enough to listen to hr2. The caller wasn’t being all that obnoxious (maybe the entire conversation was cut from the podcast) so I had a difficult time understanding why Charles was screeching like jaded feminist.

On the ball

Nothing was cut from the podcast. I don’t know why Charles got so triggered. I can see if he went off a bit, but he kind of lost it. That being said, Giuliani is absolutely awesome in my book. I’ve never known anyone has done so much research and come up with such fascinating information.