Truth Hertz: Kubrick and the Occult Conspiracy (3-21-18)

Charlie talks about a number of current events and then gets into the topic of Stanley Kubrick and his loaded work, with Eyes Wide Shut being a particular focus. He then talks about Hebraic Hyksos in Egypt.

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It’s March 22, the beginning of “the season of sacrifice”. Jewish Kabbalists love false flags around this time.

btw, Paul Hickman did a three-part series on Jewish ritual murder, the first one gets into Arnold Leese’s book, and his thesis that the sadism comes from race, and what he calls the Armenia or Hither asiatic strain. It’s interesting info I’ve never heard before, and looks at that question of holidays celebrating massacres, cruel slaughter, genocides against others, etc.

Rabbi Ravage just about says it all. I’m so glad to be free from Christ-Insanity. Worshiping a half-prick jew on a cross truly is the height of insanity.

I’m so glad to finally be learning about the identity of the Hikksos.