Truth Hertz: Led Zeppelin Exposed (10-7-16)

Charles takes apart the dirty side of his favorite bands through the years.  Music list

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With regard to jewish Supremacism, Renegade has the most formidable lineup in ‘radio” history. It makes me that much more emphatic to be a supporter.

The fact CG is here M-F makes it even more of a MFer for these TalMudites. Ha ha ha

Nick Spero

Damn Right!

Mr. Grimm

Holy shit! The pied piper was a clown! Funny multi-colored clothes, a red hat, luring children with music (think Kinko the Kid Loving Clown). Never made this connection till Charlie brought this up. Another clown aside: in the movie “clown” that he brought up in the recent show about clowns, the hollywood tribesman, Eli Roth (of the films Cabin Fever and Inglorious Fuktards), who produced the film, also cameo-ed as Frowny the Clown in the movie. He had this to say about the film: “I really felt these guys deserved a shot, and that people are truly freaked out by evil clowns. It’s new territory to make this a version of The Fly, where this guy can feel himself changing, blacking out only to find… Read more »


I am sure he trained plague ridden rats to come to the flute for feeding time after letting them hole up in towns with native rats also introduced by the tribe no doubt….

The children’s crusade had Jews leading 10,000 kids right into slavery under the nose of the Europeans… Salve ships were ready to take them to “the promised land” like all there pied piper cults. The jester of Romen emperors were often Jews eventually garnering a ban from Rome for doing so much usury and evil


Also the so called “Spanish flue” that killed one third of the population after WWI did not kill enough for the Jews was started in a U.S. Military barracks getting “vaccines” before being shipped overseas


Instead of rats they use humans remember who brought Ebola to the U.S. Along with all the other diseases n’ bugs we rides ourselves of including leporsy

Paul Rain

Have you heard of ‘Insane Clown Possee’? Very dangerous group, very influential among the kids these days.


I don’t get what the big deal is. Bands cover other bands songs all the time. Just like artists in general are influenced by earlier artists. It is like it’s some grand fucking conspiracy.


er, It ISN’T like it’s some grand fucking conspiracy.

Sam Hoidel

You were quite worked up about ads and scripts so this might be of help.

What’s your opinion on this artist by the way?