Truth Hertz: Lenin the Jew & Bolshevik Buddies (8-2-16)


Charles talks about the Communist jews, including the supposed gentile Lenin, and some of their incredible connections.

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Talk about having a superiority complex, and arrogant — to the point that he does not listen to other people’s radio shows, evidently including Kyle’s or any other of the broadcasters on Renegade. Thanks to Kyle for calling in in defense of Adolf Hitler — that is the only reason I listened.


I meant Charles, not Rudy. Facepalm.

Tom Cahill

I’m still undecided about Hitler. I’d like to think he was good, but there’s too many unknowns for me to decide.
What do you make of this:
Please let me know. Mackey’s Craig Mackey of Met Police who’s involved in the new gay police and Shomrim in the UK.


I don’t know if I should be clicking on your links… looks like child porn or something…


I’d be interested in hearing how Rudy thinks Hitler was a jew shill, although people that have studied him extensively like Mike Walsh would say otherwise.

Steven j Lewis

In the beginning Shaun called and mentioned that Thorn was found with a bullet to the back of his head. That’s the second host today that said that, however that claim has not been published. The AFP articles mentioned that the police report was not released at the time they wrote their article. Even the article that accompanied the interview with Victor’s brother, who confirmed the suicide. Charles mentioned Piper’s death too, but Piper was in bad health, not just heart trouble as he was a diabetic and from what I recall was not good at following his doctor’s recommendations/directions. I’d have to reread the articles to be exact. Dave of AFP told Victor that people in the truth movement would not believe it and… Read more »

Steven j Lewis

Here’s what Piper’s close friend Mark Glenn wrote in response to Gordon Duff, admitted liar and Jew, about his health prior to his death: So, here are the facts–Mike was a very sick man. Exactly a year ago, he underwent quintuple bypass surgery to relieve a 98% blockage in his arteries. After surgery, his heart operated at only around 25% of its capacity. In the 5 months he stayed with us, he had no less than half a dozen different heart ‘incidents’ that were more than likely heart attacks of some sort that on several occasions necessitated me taking him to the emergency room, one instance in particular occurring in the middle of the night during a blinding snow storm. In addition to this,… Read more »