Truth Hertz: LGBT Issues & The Newport Tower (5-17-16)


Charles finishes his discussion of gay issues and then moves onto the mysterious Newport tower.

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Anthony Roberts

In addition to mass immigration, the jews have made it a priority to break up the white western family since the 1960’s.
I think the UK currently has the highest ‘single mother’ households in Europe. This has been no accident, it’s all part of the jews masterplan.
Generations of young boys raised in all female surroundings, prime targets of the homo and trans lobby. If they don’t succumb to that, they’re too feminised to put up any fight against the invaders – win win jews.


“This has been no accident, it’s all part of the jews masterplan.”

BINGO! You bet it’s by design! Nation-wrecking SCUM!!


“A morality of self-interest is indeed really the opposite of morality, but only when we understand morality in the better sense and in a way in which it has no home among the Jews. Where there are found among the ancient writers occasional judgements about the Jews, there they are full of contempt against this racial tribe and grope for the strongest expressions to characterize their procedures and customs as depraved.”–Eügen Duhring, Eügen Dühring on the Jews, A translation of Dühring’s The Jewish Question (2nd edition, 1881)*

And it’s in the self-interest of the Jews to promote every sort of subversive and decadent movement, e.g., “gay rights”, to undermine White gentile society



“Gay”? What’s “gay” about these homosexuals, sexual deviants, sodomites, faggots, queers, cocksuckers, fudge packers, perverts, etc.? NOTHING. So why use this euphemism to describe these anally-fixated mother, er, I mean, assfuckers?


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Mien White

Hi Charles.
Really enjoyed this show, very relevant info for me as my son is also gay. I was also a single mother until he turned 4. Thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing it with us.


I think you meant, that gays bend over “forwards” to help you LeL!

Ingrid B

You don`t have to know someone, to know when something is wrong. Recently I was in a large hospital. I was in a waiting area, waiting for my daughter, and grandson. At the far end were some young foreign women, some with children, waiting for a friend. In front of them were two foreign guys. One was corpulent, slouched back in his seat, arms along the backs of the neighbouring seats. He had a smug, smiling expression. The other was younger, with nice features. He sat forward in his seat, slightly turned away from the other. He watched the women and children leaving, with a wistfull, puzzled expression. I got the feeling he had been vulnerable, and was being exploited. I hope he found someone… Read more »