Truth Hertz: Living in the Land of BS (4-20-20)

Charlie tries to keep up with all the BS that is being broadcast on a daily basis.

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Another great show Charlie. You and Kyle make a great one-two punch. And please tell Brian to cut down the time on his call-ins, it’s not the Brian-Charlie show.

Robert Heimdal

These “healthcare workers”, as most police, just a bunch of traitors to their people and accessories to a crime. On the other hand the Trump-duped protesters (facepalm) don’t seem to get that their “hero” is active part of the problem. Will these people ever wake the F- up?

‘Land of the free!’: Healthcare workers are heckled as they stand in front of anti-lockdown protesters cars’ in Colorado and more demonstrations erupt across the US’ (April 20, 2020)

Meanwhile in Spain…

‘Spaniards Face €2,000 Fine For “Disrespecting” A Police Officer During Lockdown’ (April 21, 2020) by ShilloHedge


Look at that, police pigs turn on the public as soon as the government does. What a shocker. They have always been and will always be lightly armed henchmen of the jew controlled governments. The idea that the police is there to protect and serve the public is just a facade. They are the ones oppressing the public on the behest of their masters, just look at how they also do it with pleasure and glee, they love the power they have over the ordinary citizen. They prefer to go after ladies walking their dogs or enjoying the sunlight while sitting on a bench, oh they will extend massive resources ensuring law abiding citizens get terrorized and punished. But real criminals? Like those filthy paki… Read more »

Foster XL

Hear! Hear! Cops are not your friends just like news-readers are not your friends, just like these alleged hospital workers are not your friends. Some of them, just like the public at large “go along to get along” but MANY of them know the score & are just “getting theirs” as part of the wider corruption of the entire system that is foisted upon us. How many cop TV series are there now designed to make you side with the “friendly” cops “defending your rights” or just advertisements for the news programs telling you they are your “trusted” news source? ALL propaganda! ALL programming & mass mind control. Well it ALL needs to come down, but not in a brainless mansonite James Mason kind of… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

“Cops are not your friends” – Indeed. You can tell that to this young lady who apparently (for what I have read) was caught shoplifting. I wonder what would happen if it were pedophiles the ones who got this treatment.comment image

Foster XL

Pigs like that believe there’s no comeback for this kind of OTT brutality BUT there are still many people in this world who if that was their daughter, shoplifting or not, would “make that cop disappear” via natural law with zero trace. These pigs have families too & sometimes retribution for abuse of power can be VERY ugly especially in times when extra stress is heaped on people & they start to believe they have nothing to lose. They need to think very carefully about which side they choose to be on going forward.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not condoning violence per se in this comment, just stating fact.

PS. I can’t say “disclaimer” now without hearing that whiny little drama queen aussie shitbag’s voice LOL!


I can’t stop looking at this…I am horrified…it looks like she dropped like a bag of bricks, out COLD. I hope she got a lawyer. Shoplifting? What? A tube of lipstick? What in the f*** is WRONG with that animal? She didn’t know what hit her. I feel physically ill. I would love to have seen the next several minutes that transpired after that….to see his face.