Truth Hertz: Locating Atlantis & The Constitutional Convention Con (11-28-18)

Charlie talks about the Richat Structure in Africa and how it seems to line up with descriptions of Atlantis and then he gets into how the Constitutional conspiracy wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

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Johnny Walker Read

Without such true patriots as Patrick Henry and George Mason there would have been no bill of rights.
Charlie is right, if the common man wants to lose everything, get his butt involved in the American Just-Us system.
Great info here Charles..


Charlie, I’ve heard you do not read comments, but maybe by some miracle or some miracle-worker, this will get to you. Anyhow, in my mind, that second hour of this show is the most important broadcast you ever did. I say this in terms of the current times we are in and their subsequent turmoil. So many still validate and cite The Constitution as a document of freedom, holding it up as sacrosanct, not informed about it enough to see through its loopholes. Granted that takes a concerted effort of time and study. But The Bill of Rights, that so many fought for, stands in front of it, like the orphan child just waiting for someone to adopt it, see its value, love it. The… Read more »


Young lady, you are confused!!!! the America that you believe in, doesn’t nor has it existed!!!! He’s wrong concerning the Holy Bible… but right on everything else!!!! Hold on to God and His word, but believe him for everything else!!!! i’ve followed him for a while, and his words speak the truth about the world and it’s systems for antichrist, but it doesn’t concerning the Holy Bible, and I will help him with that soon!!!!


Oh I’m tired, but I’ll try to respond, even though you come to me in a royally condescending manner. Tam, I leave folks to decide for themselves whatever religiosity or spirituality they resonate with, believe in. You, it seems, cannot help but meddle, interfere, which in some ways suggests that you believe you know best what the other might need. Such clean supremacy. Such a pompous attempt at persuasion. Yes, occasionally I am confused. For any to assert he or she never experiences some level of confusion is a lie and likely an indication of a shallow mind that does not question or research or seek deeper understanding. Anyhow, I know that in the quest for liberty, over 200 years ago, there were imperfections and… Read more »


The Anti-Federalist Papers can be read here:



1:05:00 windows covered, members sworn to secrecy… sounds like typical masonic skull duggery.


the founding fathers were essentially committing treason by formulating and signing the declaration of independence, so such counter-measures are understandable. What they should have done however was to discuss it with the people following their victory and subsequent independence from Britain.

Johnny Walker Read

I think this was the best show Charles has ever done..


Hey, me too. Our comments crossed.


Dave from Texas

You tube channel “ancient architects” is not perfect but has some good info on atlantis and egypt.
Again its not racial or proWhite but has some good info, more often than not