Truth Hertz: A Long History of Zionists in the White House (12-13-17)

Charlie talks about how the beloved heroes of American political history were concerned with establishing the jewish homeland long before Herzl even started the modern Zionist movement. He begins a bit of Yahweh-bashing at the end.

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Charlie Yahweh bashing……’s sweet music to my ears.

In 1941 Hollywood produced a propaganda movie “Sgt York” with (((Gary Cooper)))
York was a concienous objector, Fanatically Christian, all it took for this redneck to fight and kill Germans was a few Old Testament verses, It worked then & it works now. Time to re-invent the wheel.

Bible programming is emkayultra, drop some trigger words and everyone goes mad for jezus.

The Alvin York story is a bit rich for me. I think it was manufactured propaganda, after the war he was involved in charities he always refused to talk about the war at meetings for me is an indicator he didn’t want to fudge up the story. He was in serious financial trouble with his farm after the war in the 1930’s depression and the Rotary club came to his rescue. Rotary club is the business mans branch of Freemasonry and I think that is what he was a Freemason. The most stupid piece of propaganda from him was the story that he shot 8 German soldiers with 8 rounds (8 kills) all in one go from his issue 1911 45 acp. To anyone who… Read more »

I read somewhere that the reason the “we neva dun nuffin rong, why yoo all hate us for no reason” jews were being chased out of Egypt was because they stole the gold and silver from the Pharoh and they were after them to get it back. How else did they make that golden calf, with sticks and dry leaves? Noooo that was Egyptian gold plundered and schemed from the treasury.

Charlie: you should re-read Mein Kampf, brother. You’d be wearing striped pajamas 30’s talkin like this. I get the 10% atheist thing, and I get you aren’t religious text ignorant, but you’re killing the numbers game. Rockwell would tell you the same thing. You can’t reinvent the wheel.

*In the 30’s.

Charlie never read Mein Kampf. He is an anti-Nazi who believes that Hitler was a Rothschild and a British agent. That is why he is the superstar of alleged NS site renegade.

Charlie is also an anti-racist. That means he is not pro-White, which means he is anti-White. He is just anti-Jew, like Hezbollah and Hamas, and the Nation of Islam, who are all anti-White brown people. But that’s OK with Charlie because “Guys, guys, I’m not a racist, OK?”

btw, Charlie, I know you don’t read the comments to your articles because you’re legally blind or have better things to do, or something, but you stated Kennedy was the killed because he was the one President who never praised the Jews. On August 26, 1960, JFK addressed the Zionists of America convention and told them, “Time will judge whether Israel will continue to exist. But I wish I could be as sure of all my prophecies as I am of my flat prediction that Israel is here to stay. For Israel was not created in order to disappear – Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor… Read more »

And while we are at it, Chuck, your jewdar needs recalibrating because you keep playing Dire Straits during your breaks. You do know that Mark Knopfler, their singer/guitarist is a kike, right?

Yeah Hamas and Hezbollah are such a threat to Whites LMAO. WOuld that be the Hamas bankers that control jews that control the jesuits who manipulate the nazi death cult?

A true national commitment is to abolish jews from ALL areas of life, and shut their institutions down.

Ah, child sacrifice fans, summoned by the sky fairy to protect their da-da.Only two of you though? It must really be the end for Yaya…

Film from 1940, the Jews “Still rubbing their hands together over it” part is at 43:47. Christianity was a giant part of the Reich and why he loved the Muslims. Trust me, the Jewish Question came up when he had talks with the Muslims, and the Quran banishes them from the Holy Land for killing Jesus.

I have absolutely no ideal what you are chatting about.


Bollocks to jewsus. The jews have to be banished from earth entirely for being cancerous scum. There is no other reason than that.