Truth Hertz: Lying Psychopaths are Running the Show (2-28-18)

Charlies talks about some recent revelations about Parkland and aftermath, discusses the government’s lies and abuses of power, and takes a whole lot of callers.

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So good to hear Charlie put that douchebag commenter — I think the screen name was LongTimeListener — in his place for carrying on about the Hogg year book nonsense. Fucking pathetic. I got $20 says that ‘tard is a cock-chopper.


The yearbook claim was made by an antifa operative. It looks like a strawman thrown out there to discredit people pointing out it was a hoax. The interesting thing is that the term “crisis actor” has been mentioned by big brother media outlets. People really should start paying attention to the nonsense put out on TV. The narratives are getting truly retarded. Some “traumatized” high schoolers are now being asked to decide on federal laws for firearms. They aren’t even old enough to vote yet their “near death” experience somehow qualifies them to decide whether Americans should be illegally disarmed or not. This is something even the zog emporer thinks is a good idea too even though he claims he’s for the second amendment. Then… Read more »


Charles, you’ve been on fire! Always a joy to listen.


Is it just me or does this David Zogg character look like he could be related to Barbara Spectre? If he starts saying it’s time for Americans to go into “disarmed mode” we’ll know for sure there’s a connection.


Charles’ e-mail, please? bounced back.


To the caller who was enraged about the RBN host who defended his Jap brothers, don’t expect Injun Charlie to have your back in a racial incident either. He’s a troofer, not a White Nationalist or National Socialist, and he has said time and time again, “Guys, guys, I’m not a racist, OK?” But here he is on an alleged NS site, one he admits he doesn’t bother to read or listen to because he is too busy. A real team player.


Obviously his diehard little fans will downvote you for saying this even though it’s quite obviously true. It’s a pity there are people listening to Renegade (or probably just followed Charlie here) who can’t be objective. Charlie has also defended “good” sodomites numerous times & said he has sodomite friends even though he says he generally doesn’t agree with the lifestyle. Bit like those nationalist alt-righters who say “I’m not racist but…”. You are right to call him a truther – he’s definitely from that old-school of exposing all the lies but ultimately just being huge pessimists saying how “fucked up” the world is but who won’t actually DO anything to change it. I treat Charlie’s shows here as mainly filler as Renegade has a… Read more »


Charles, too bad your skin isn’t as thick as your head. Get a grip, Nancy. I offered you constructive criticism, which got your panties all in a bunch, and you embarrassed yourself again by going on some ridiculous rant that would make a truck full of truckdrivers blush. Instead of admitting that you made a mistake and move on from it, you didn’t. You chose unwisely to attack the messenger, and then made silly excuses for your folly such as “I don’t have time to research this stuff” and then followed up with “Why didnt you send me a private message? Waaaa, waaaa, waaaa”. You’re such a hypocrite, Sally. You call people out publicly all the time on your show. I’m so sorry to step… Read more »


Longtime time waster.