Truth Hertz: The Maliciousness of the Music Industry (10-3-16)


Charles continues his discussion of the music industry, how it physically and emotionally effects us, influencing people to do some terrible things. Music list

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3 years ago

Always well researched, highly appreciated. And your bible group impression in the previous show made me spit out my coffee you nutter hahah

3 years ago

Lgbt Cultural marxism for babies-
Speaking of Cyndi Lauper…my 2 year old daughter got a Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Mouse toy for Christmas last year, and it sings True Colors by Cyndi Lauper! I was floored and explained my disdain to my ex-husband , but he thought nothing of it. And she hates it.

Karen in E Tenn
3 years ago

You might be interested to learn they made a pretty good movie a few years back called Cadillac Records about the very record company you were talking about. It actually goes into how they ripped off the artists, hooked them on alcohol,drugs, etc. You might enjoy checking it out.

Juan Betancourt
9 months ago

That Record Company Lowlife Was Correct Though : Most Musocians Are Raging MORONS. I Was In Lower Levels Of The Music Industry. Trust Me The Music Industry Is The DEVIL, & These Musician Imbecile Assholes Are Major Components In The Dystopic Disgusting Music World. JERK OFF MUSICIAN A – Holes

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