Truth Hertz: The Manufactured Madness of Modern Art (11-17-16)


Charles continues his discussion of how the CIA introduces crap art in order to better control the public.

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I love this man. omg. he channels my grumpy emotions. I cant stand listening to people chat about trump or politics either. I usually interrupt and say “who CARES what pedophiles do. lets lynch them already” people hate me IRL. I’m angry in person. very angry and annoyed. in my defense this shit is dishonorable. why are we tolerating pedophiles and satanic cultists???? WHY?? whats wrong with people??? sometimes I feel like the only one thinking toward the future seeing the shit storm that’s on its way in my town. people who know pedophiles are in control don’t care because their life would be disrupted.

“Trump and Satanism” is explored at this week. States, at his penthouse are statues of pagan Greek gods.

I think they do that to bastardise and abuse the pagan/heathen gods in their jewish sludge magik. Kind of like taking the piss but on a metaphysical level.

I can envision a future when jews will be awarded PhD degree at birth, [ the description of the degree can be decided at that time]; when one considers
all the great aspects of the jewish people and their accomplishments, the harrowing history and by then that all Nobel Prizeswill go to jews, no one will object to the innate doctorhood of jewry. But people will have to get used to addressing all jews as “Doctor” , even preschool workers will have to address the wee things, not with such names as Joshy for a wee Joshua Goldberg , but with marked respect at all times, as simply’ Doctor Goldberg, it’s time for your nap.”

Good show Charles but opium isn’t an hallucinogen it’s a narcotic, big difference. It’s also factually incorrect to say opium is much worse than alcohol. This opiate bashing has to be end. The effects of prohibition are devastating and it’s a bit discouraging and highly infuriating that those who are intelligent truth seekers spout off against opiates as if they’re on Fox or CNN.

Yeah opium is more psychedelic than psychedelics in my experience.

How would you know when all the stuff on the street is tainted with who knows what. Alcohol during prohibition caused blindness in many cases. I would hardly say alcohol in and of itself causes blindness

Yeah alcohol and pot don’t cause you to be more intelligent either, that’s not the point. The point, and I don’t know why this is so difficult for people to get, is that the “drug” war has reaped unprecedented destruction, is a primary tool for enslavement (private prisons, big pharma, etc), breeds corruption everywhere, has never and will never work, profits Jewry and big money, stands as the most hypocritical ideal when compared to the filth pushed everywhere in this society, creates criminals, penalizes those in pain and in legitimate need of relief, etc etc. Do people even realize opium cannibis and cocaine have always been perfectly legal until 1914? Do they realize America’s founders (to name one group) not only used opium regularly (laudanum)… Read more »

yeah, it takes no effort for things to go wrong, and every bit of effort you have for something to go right. The world is a very negative place

good show, Charles

I agree Paula…entropy in action. Six thumbs down for stating the obvious, fascinating