Truth Hertz: The Misinformation Age (3-14-18)

Charlie talks about how screwed we are in America, the massive ways we are lied to in the information age, some Parkland updates, his new book exposing Christianity, Facebook’s promotion of pedophilia, and the takedown of Tesla.

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Ghost Man O; War

Also Charles, it’s why the SEEEMINGLY moronic comments on tv the other day saying bullets don’t need to go that fast. I knew exactly what the equation was that was being hyped behind those nose/glasses/mustache novelty store type mask people were brewing. Give public slower rounds that can’t quite penetrate body armor and they can practically walk right up and bully little old ladies like they did at Katrina. I’d say master your thunder stick then hold on to your ammo and only practice with cheesy round or even b-b gun/air rifle up closer with smaller targets. They do own the mfr of rounds, you knowwwwww. Gotta go feed the horse and other assorted little creatures before midnight. It’s our daily ritual. Charlie, that show… Read more »


If you are using a wireless mouse, you are being exposed to a large amount of RF radiation as can be seen in the video below. If you read the safety warnings on your “smart” phone, it will tell you to always keep the phone at least 5 mm from your body. The RF readings coming off the wireless mouse are comparable to readings I’ve taken of “smart” phones. Exactly how is a person supposed to always keep a wireless mouse 5 mm from one’s body when you have to touch it constantly with your hand to operate it????? Ditto for the wireless keyboard. All RF and microwave radiation exposure is cumulative. Even the briefest exposure to RF radiation has a negative affect on cell… Read more »


Renny, thank you for providing that link to the norad4u YT channel & website – excellent info!!



Ghost Man O; War

Wowwww. FACEBOOK question on the second one, the messaging, the choices were allllllll either no preference, or ALLLLLL JJJJJJJ’s. Facebook is all J’s running it, the “experts” will be of course allllll J’s, and the vote of users will be rigged to the max by the JJJJJJJ’s. Think about that one. So that one is gross swindle speak. They are disgusting vile people. They think we are unable to do anything about making change. Starting thinking out there Renegade folks.

Foster XL

Just call them JEWS dude.


Nah make it harder for the machines to search out everything said about them. Let them use real people to do their spying.


I’m sure they’re already watching Renegade.


Fuck those filthy half-prick cock-choppers to hell.


Charles anyone can create a classmates account. The fraudsters that created the fake 2015 Redondo HS classmates page even used his photo from his Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School photo album. Youve neen duped dummy. Just admit it and move on instead of calling other people shills. Because right now you’re the one looking like the disinfo shill. Going around promoting bs like this fake Hogg photo album only hurts the credible info proving this shooting was a government sponsored operation.


Here’s a link that proves the 2015 photo album and classmates page was faked:

Ghost Man O; War

Neither page proved anything in the affirmative or the negative. Do you think alum hollow aircraft slices 14″ hs structural carbon steel, without even crashing on the outer wall? Just curious. Quite curious. Humor me with a response. No collision is impossible, yet there was NO collision. No crash, not IMPACT point. It’s impossible, not just improbable. It’s the litmus test for me on that issue.


The Facebook question to subscribers had nothing to do with pedophilia or child porn. It was a trick question. The one option missing from the list of answers was:

Faceberg shouldn’t be spying on private messages.

If you pick any of the answers they provided you agree to faceberg spying on your private messages. The example they used was just a distraction from what they were really doing.

Ghost Man O; War

Great point WhiteWolf. They caught me thinking like a normal human forgetting what kind of psycho’s run Facebook. Rule one, look for the trick. Have a great year my friend. You’re a sharp one, indeed. Be safe.