Truth Hertz: MK Ultra, Berkowitz & The Son of Satan (1-10-17)

Charles discusses the recent story of a mind controlled airport killer, then gets back to the Son of Sam, talking about some of the connections to Yahweh/Satan and the psy op cover-up.

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I know this show’s about Berkowitz not Jack the Ripper (something …ski, forgot now); they similarly terrorized their cities at their times– but watch this 26 min Jack the Ripper docu. Advance to the last 30 secs, screen text messages, to learn it was a joo-on-christian ritual murder thing… watch the whole vid to find why Schwartz didn’t testify against the ripper dude… wouldn’t testify against a fellow joo and cause his death.
“Jack The Ripper / The Jewish Ritual”

Charles have you done, or thought of doing, a (((Jack the Ripper))) show?

Faeryn James Lee

I have Charlie’s entire back catalog and I can’t recall him ever doing a show on the (((Ripper))). Just a heads up. You can email him at and suggest hit. He’s really great about communicating with listeners.
Hope that helps you a bit ; )

Faeryn James Lee

I flubbed the email address. the email is
My apologies.

Tom booze

Cheers,those crazy anagrams:SOS.sonofsam.manson.mason.OSS..SeaOrgS.ProceSSdOgShelterS