Truth Hertz: Mom Memorial & Orlando Shooting (6-14-16)


Charles talks about the passing of his mother and remembers some stories, and then moves on to discuss Hillary Clinton, and then dissects the Orlando shooting.

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4 years ago

Charlie, i’m sorry to hear about your mother. may she rest in peace

4 years ago

Dear Charles,

I am so sad for the loss of your Mom. Stay strong…Best Christine

4 years ago

I was frustrated when waiting for your show yesterday. Today I am very sad to hear this. She has a wonderful son Charlie, she saw this too.. She did a very good job. My condolences.

4 years ago

You have my sympathies. R.I.P. Mrs G.

4 years ago

My sincere condolences Charlie.

Ingrid B
4 years ago

You have lots of nice thoughts of your Mom Charles. All the best..

4 years ago

Found this on the Pulse shooting. Got to check this out, they show a video uncut that was not meant to be seen before it was edited

4 years ago

I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. RIP.

4 years ago

My condolences, Charles. An FYI about the Orlando job, I found some new info on the mom Christine Leinonen. She’s a former Michigan State Trooper of all things, and currently an attorney in FL. In her interviews she does not act like either, in my opinion (If no one has seen them just search youtube, shes all over the place). Here’s the article, in the form of a letter written by the father, a retired Detroit cop. Check out his stance on guns! He obviously wasn’t given the memo to keep his mouth shut up there in big D. And so the plot thickens… I also put up a condensed version of your show on my channel, just the info on the Orlando inside… Read more »

4 years ago

Charles, another FYI:

about the “witness” and actor Luis Burbano, he had the following credit listed on his IMDB page:
“Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up (Video short) 2015
Club Patron”

But POOF It’s now gone. However, it still shows up in the wayback machine archive:

I’ve made screen caps, but you may want to grab some for yourself before it disappears, too.

Compare with the current version. The credit is gone!

I also posted the info in Part 2 of the video I uploaded where you mention him:

4 years ago

Please ignore my last post about the imdb page for that actor. Turns out that the credit was not on his page June 14 and was added on June 15, and was removed June 16. It was probably done by a hoaxer who had editing access to imdb info or a paid shill to make it look suspicious. But it’s not. Its easily debunkable by putting the imdb page into the Internet archive’s way back machine to verify the credit “Spirit of Orlando” was not in his list of acting credits on June 14, which was two days after the shooting. Sorry for any confusion.

4 years ago

Sorry for your loss Charles..thoroughly enjoy your shows ..your are the man.


4 years ago

So sorry for your loss,Charlie

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