Truth Hertz: More Corona Bologna (4-7-20)

Charlie continues his presentation concerning the various agendas unfolding before our very eyes, and how something needs to be done ASAP.

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I’m still not sold on these 5g claims. I think they just using fake test. causes of death and simply making up numbers. It’s all just to cover their crimes that destroyed the economy, and gives them cover while they keep draining every jew infested nation on earth and usher in holodomor 2.0 on a global scale. It’s why they need lock us down, destroy our businesses, kill our farming industry, and want the vaccine id bullshit.

Robert Heimdal

The lovely story of this monumental scumbag Bill Gates. He started by creating viruses for computers. Now he creates viruses for people:

‘Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?’ by reallygraceful – BitChute


Still listening to your Corona Bologna in archive Charlie, but they are the best shows you have ever given in my opinion. Let’s hear more of this type.

adrian holliday

Bojo (J-e-vv from his mothers milk) yep bye bye to sunny Tel Aviv…but the catch…J-e-vv Dominic Raab is deputising and oh boy us Brits are sooo dumbed down and passive. Raab is sex predator and bully with a chimpanzee shape mouth I fear will be trouble!!! real trouble!!

Eric M Schuster



Bill Gates will outlive us all like Henry Kissinger. He is 97. They have the magic elixir and get gold injections no doubt. Only those “important” world leaders can afford gold treatments which is how they can get sick go into the hospital and survive looking great when we normal peons would be dead.


Sometime around 2017 Trump approached Gates and asked his opinion of vaccines. Said Kennedy Jr wants me to do an investigation. Gates told Trump that would be a very bad thing to do. April 2, 2020 Maeve Kennedy dies in an “accident” in chesapeake bay with her son Gideon retrieving a ball. Coincidentally she served as the global health director which links to PEPFAR- which draws lines to doctor fauci, doctor Birx, pence, draws lines to gates then eventually the WHO. I’m guessing she was going to say something or her death was a warning to RFKjr.


Well, I will not be contacting my local sheriff who happens to be Mr. Joe Lombardo who headed up the cover up for the fake shooting in Las Vegas. I can guarantee that he and our governor Mr. Steve Sisolak who also helped with the cover up will never help us out. Meanwhile Nevada has the worst unemployment in the country right now we are screwed.


Just a note: the above comment isn’t from the Mary that has been commenting here regularly for years (just in case). That would be me 😉 Was away for a while & no pc. Trust everyone’s doing as well possible given the circumstances.


Sorry didn’t realize there was another Mary 🙂

Foster XL

Hi Mary 2, maybe just add a fake surname initial or something like I have with “XL”. I’ve liked many of Mary’s past contributions & it would be much less confusing for future ones if you do that. Cheers 😉

Bud K Abbott

Look up ” contact tracing ”

Bud K Abbott
Bud K Abbott

Why is it you guys never approve any of my comments for posting? Makes me question your validity.


Oh look, your comment “got approved”! This site has way less censorship than everyone else dude. The only validity questions asked here are about new name trolls who say shit like you just did LOL!

Troll Slayer

I have to correct Charlie on one thing. No property was really bought up in New Orleans after Katrina. Some niggers abandoned their already run down houses and didn’t return. New Orleans was a shit hole before Katrina. The reason sone weren’t allowed to go to their houses at first was because there were downed trees, power lines and even a refinery that had exploded. There was sone gun confiscation that went on in the city because niggers were going around killing ,robbing and shooting at cops and Army reserves


Yeah, I’m sure they only confiscated the “niggers” guns.


I predict…The ghettos are being wound up now. A police shooting, with edited bodycam footage shown 24/7, along with the stress of this shut down will ignite the blacks and cause a round of riots in several of our cities. This will push the crisis into November and disrupt the election. Online voting will result in 32 million illegals and 27 million dead people voting Democrat. Biden and Michael Obama in the White House…stand the fuck by if that happens.


Are you implying that we have a choice which pedo jew is the president and that the right wing is somehow a good option?

Eric M Schuster

When have we ever been given any Presidential options that offered more than a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as choices? “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H.L. Mencken


Just an observation about the election potentially being hacked and the consequences. It will probably happen faster with Democrats back in charge.

Parthian Tactics

imagine believing your vote actually does something


You know, honestly, the only reason a lot of people come to your site is because it’s the only place to find C Giuliani. If not for him no one would be here. I make a simple observation and you people are instantly hostile. And for what?


What a ridiculous non sequitur. A lot of people only come here to listen to Charlie, ergo we should not question you after you make it seem like the GOP is on our side? Cool story.


Hey Rodulf, when did Charlie start doing shows on Renegade? Let me put it another way – how long was Renegade going before Charlie started doing shows here? Have you actually checked any documented stats on site visits before & after Charlie started doing shows or are you, like most trolls & trooftards, just talking through that hole in your a*se?! Get a grip loser – this site was blowing up way before Charlie was doing shows here! Just because you followed him here like a lost little puppy dog & you may have listened to his past shows on previous networks doesn’t mean you “know” a huge number of people did or do the same. I used to listen to Charlie’s shows on Oracle… Read more »