Truth Hertz: More Precision Parallels Between Hebrew Heroes & Egyptian Pharaohs (7-22-19)

Charlie continues talking about the precision parallels between King Solomon and Amenhotep III, then gets into Moses and Akhenaten.

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I am 99.9% convinced that most homosexuals and lesbians were sexually abused as children, and have never been able to properly heal from their trauma’s.
When it comes to child rape, there is almost never any justice – the rapist gets little to no time in jail, when in a sane and healthy world, a child rapist would cease to exist, and it has been this way ever since jews weaseled their way into the highest ranks of the judiciary and justice system.


Back in 2013, the American Psychiatric Association attempted to pull a fast one over the American public by listing pedophilia as a “sexual orientation”, like homosexuality. There was so much outcry from the public, mainly from the internet, the APA went back and changed the wording in their at that time newly published Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 or DSM-V. They said it was a mistake, but there is an ongoing attempt to normalize pedophilia and pederasty, and the bastards thought they could get away with their evil. They knew exactly what the wording was, and cowardly lied when their actions were called out.


Above you are showing one of the many depictive representations (by Michelangelo) of “horned Moses”, which is an interesting subject on its own.
(Didn’t have the time to listen to the show yet, so excuse me if you have been mentioning this topic already)

Johnny Walker Read

“Then Rabbi Simeon said: “It is written, ‘and he went on his journeys from the south to Bethel unto the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Bethel and Hai’ (Gen. 13:3). It says, ‘He went on his journeys’ instead of ‘his journey.’ Why is that? There is a reference not only to his own journeying, but also that of the Schekina, who always went with Jacob, and therefore we learn that every person needs to be male and female at all time, for the sake of his faith, he ought not to think or imagine that the Schekina forsakes him in any way. See, it has been said, a man ought always to cleave to his wife that the Schekina may… Read more »


Charlie, you are stil classified as an old host.


The hate rant was great and highly appropriate. It really is a case by case kind of thing – the only area where I don’t feel “case by case” applies is perhaps where we have young people involved, children, far from having hit puberty, where they are all clearly under the influence of school indoctrination/brainwashing where abnormal behavior is now being promoted and encouraged, and I believe it is directly linked to depopulation. “They” don’t care if they are setting up children for a future of depression/drug and alcohol addiction because of inhumane choices they were forced into at a young age – just so long as these kids don’t go on to reproduce and confirm to a hedonistic/liberal/nontraditional lifestyle, so be it.


Charles Giuliani & caller Jan Irvin– No Right To Return Blackballed with Rollie Quaid May 28, 2019

Trollie Paid!
I used to think he was alright until he proved himself to be a punk. A real turd in the punch bowl.
Like every bottom feeder, he’s trolling Renegade Broadcasting and talking trash.
I tried listening to one of his two recent interviews with woman hating phony James True, for curiosity’s sake, and my god’s, what a bunch of hucksters!
I really have a thing for voices, and those two sound like such bratty boys, not men! Very childish, insecure sounding, and overcompensating in their gobbeldigook for it.
Poisonous Mushrooms everywhere.


Yes, what a pity Charles can’t see through his obvious BS. He’s basically using Charles’ good work to make his shitty presence in the “scene” seem legit. I never liked this guy from day 1.

It is beyond obnoxious how he consistently says he ”worked at renegade”, which implies getting paid, which, having submitted an article, I know you don’t get paid. Writers on the Tribune and people willing to put their voices out on the internet do so because they actually care about getting the information out there, not because they have an agenda to get paid. It’s as plain as day what ”Rollie’s” whole trip is, he’s either in it for the noteriety, or he’s in it because he really is getting paid, and if he’s on a network that allows freaks who defend child rapist’s, well then, it’s pretty obvious he’s ”not on our side” as they say. Planting the seed that ”he worked for Renegade” could… Read more »


Interesting how the matriarchy didn’t seem to come up. From what I’ve seen, the show with Kyle was the only time this dude has talked about the matriarchy being behind everything.


-Rollie’s Ham handed publicity stunt.- Wow! Despite Rollie’s attempt to ambush Charlie that was a funner than shit segment! I would pay to hear them in a moderated debate. I don’t know anything about the accusations on him being a pedo, and I didn’t know most of the people that he is apparently mixing (Online) with now, So I am unable to judge his true intent. I have enjoyed some of his content, and he does seem to be getting a little better at the radio thing. -He did stop saying “Ya know” so much.- so there’s that- If he’s a real person trying to wake people up, trying to be honorable, I wish him well. If he is otherwise, I wish him a size… Read more »


I’d really like to hear Charles do a show expanding on the points he brought up about Adolf Hitler during that show. I know in the archives Charles was going to do a show about him but dropped it because of the back lash he received at the time. I don’t understand why Adolf Hitler is given an untouchable/can do no wrong god like status. I just want to know the truth.


You can ask him for his notes directly, as he has stated that he will not bring this up anymore on Renegade.

I’m in the middle of reading them actually. I’d say some of his sources are questionable though (jewish historians & political enemies of Hitler, to name but a few). But aside that, Charles does manage to show that things weren’t as rosy as it seemed even in National Socialist Germany.


That’s pretty sad that he feels that way about doing a show on A.H. Nothing and nobody should be off the table for scrutiny. Thanks for the tip, I will email Charles for his notes.