Truth Hertz: Mushroom Cult Madness (11-7-16)


Charles starts to wrap up his notes on the dug induced madness of the Christian cult.

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Wolf GT

The trouble with this broadcast is simple.The narrator presumes Jesus actually lived.We don´t know and shouldn´t care. it´s like discussing unlogical parts of a fairtale.

Foster XL

I don’t think it’s a “trouble”. While it may appear to the casual listener that “the narrator”, his name is Charles, “presumes that Jesus actually lived” I have actually heard him in past broadcasts question whether he did or not & say it’s not really important. That is to say that he was pretty much saying the same thing as you except that what matters is that THEY (christians, etc) believe that he lived. I guess you could always just stop listening & save yourself some obvious frustration! Hopefully you feel better now you got it off your back by sharing that! 🙂




This IHS altar clothing says a lot, when you know about the jesuits and mushrooms.