Truth Hertz: New Age Religious Rituals (11-30-16)


Charles talks about a variety of topics like OCD in Christianity and Pizza freaks, then gets back to the topic of jewish-inspired Wicca and their weird rituals.

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3 years ago

In reality, Judaism is NOT a religion or a race, but it is a criminal enterprise. I am so glad that Charles woke up, and no longer worships Yahweh. Great broadcast; learned a lot.

Reply to  listerine
3 years ago

It is a species… With defective genie’s…
There’s no such thing as,”raice”.

3 years ago

Charlie: After their scheming, top kikejews eat goyim babies when they meet. No ‘magick’ or ‘supernatural’ there, just evil life forms expressing power.

P.S. Charlie Giuliani is ‘King of the Broad Brush’.

3 years ago

Maybe Charles shouldn’t take call’s.
I’ve been listening to him for approximately 11 years. I cought his very first show on RBN when he took over the Truth Hertz $how from,?i forget that’s guys name. And was hooked from day one on his Fibonacci & Pi info. His constant “ugh’s” and RBN’$ “Comercial BREAK’$” drove me up the freakin wall!!! But now, Chris Doorsee’s, ugh’s take the freaking cake!!! 0MG!!!!! I’m not out to be a dick, just in my nature too to tune and polish things up a bit, being an OCD, Carpenter, Musician and such.
P$; 0h, by the way, is there any way to get out of the chat room jail!?!

Donphuk Witmee
Reply to  Reck
3 years ago

You obviously haven’t listened to enough of Chris’ shows then – Charles still “Aaaaaaaaaaagghhhhhhs” way more! Chat room jail exists for a reason.

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