Truth Hertz: New Testament Nonsense (12-22-16)

Charles continues his discussion of the contradictions that exist in the New Testament.


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What happened to Sineads last show? Also noticed her twitter is gone. Hope these two things are not related.. Best wishes nonetheless.

Was wondering this myself.

The bible stuff is getting old and sour. You are only preaching the the choir

Most of the world’s current problems are a result of the Abraham religions. And yet we still have people such as yourself who can not establish this major correlation. Contrary to your assertions about the contradictions, discrepancies and fallacies in the bible being “old and sour”, or being “preached to the choir” the important revelations have hardly been exposed at all. In fact the work of Mr. Guilaiani is quite unique in that he is completely unapologetic and based on scriptures as they are written and against historical context. Instead of complaining and attempting to criticize the extremely important scholarship and work of CG, perhaps you should apply your energy into something that might actually help free people. Here is a suggestion, just keep your… Read more »

I am glad CG exposed the bible and he has done great work. However this is his 3rd time doing these same notes. Anyone who listens to CG already knows the bible is a fraud and no new Christians will ever listen or be convinced because of ego/cognitive dissidence. So he is just preaching to the choir

Your response is typical of people who have been liberated for awhile. After listening to the major thesis of a message, you assume you know all there is to know, and project your level of awareness unto all others. I liken the awareness table to a subway train, there are people jumping on board all the time, just as there are people who might be exiting a given train, to join another. And hopefully they will take their new knowledge forward. While I never believed in the bible, I was never aware of the level and depth of the absolute fraud and overwhelming number of contradictions included within the texts. And Charles Guiliani himself is a testament to the fact that people do wake up… Read more »

Well said free your mind.

@ portugalfree – that age old adage works best here – “don’t like, don’t listen” (and then I add my own bit – but if you do listen just STFU & move on!). Listening & then telling us the above tells us more about you than it does about Charles & his message. Another adage – “better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth & remove all doubt”. Have a great Yule!

I am not claiming I know everything and I don’t listen to CG for entertainment . CG is also not above criticism.