Truth Hertz: Numbers, Patterns & Synchronicity (7-5-16)


Charles discusses how multiplying and squaring certain numbers, you end up with fascinating patterns. He then turns to strange “coincidences” that are so bizarre that it is unlikely they happened by random chance.

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Faaantastic show! My guess is that (((they))) have taken this knowledge and applied it to their machinations, because resonances and proportions exist in nature. I think they use some kind of energy system that works according to certain numerical values much like the moon affects emotions and that sort of thing. I think they know how it works (stolen info and suppressed) and are using our energy against us to effect their work more significantly by figuring it into natural dynamics. I dont want to say like the “law of attraction” but along those lines; like manifesting will, and it has to be done according to Physics (albeit on some very subtle level, probably chi and ether/quantum frame) coupled with the fear and anxiety that… Read more »


I would say that these cun+$ are working on a very deep and fine layer of physics to influence us on primal, psychological, emotional and perceptive modes; beyond our awareness. This biases the outcome to their side because who else is collectively aware let alone working their will on this level?


PS the thing about adding the numbers largest to smallest between 1 and 100 was found out by Gauss during one of his maths classes when a teacher asked the class to add them up, and he was the only one to discover this shortcut.

Steve L

The Bible is actually full of this sort of thing, for example, the number given for the tribe of Judah is 186 400, Judah was known as a ‘light unto the nations’ and ‘the children of light’, Judah also camped on the east side toward the rising sun, in Hebrew “mizracha,” and mizracha literally means “in the direction of the rising sun,” from the root “zorayach” meaning “shine” and “give light.” The speed of light is approx 186 400 miles per second. This of course is not literally speaking of a group of people but is esoteric. The moon is a symbol of the physical and is feminine, the cycle of the moon shows the cycle of the menstrual cycle. Man is Spirit ( Sun… Read more »


Interesting stuff. Yes speed of light is that in mph, I guess that the Bible number is more accurate because I am going form Ancient knowledge rather than contemporary fart physics. I still cannot parse their hysterical obsession with the sun. I suppose it is not ONLY because it is the “giver of light and life”, there must be something more to it than just that, there has to be. I feel there is something else to the sun they know which they worship. I can’t help thinking that “light” and the speed of, has some relevance to this place we are in. It has been said that S.O.L (speed of light, oh and also name of Sun coincidentally) is the fastest speed. I have… Read more »

Steve L

Esoterically speaking when the soul ( Spirit symbolled by the sun, Jes or Ies or Yes ancient name for the sun ) incarnates into Matter ( mater, mother, symbolled by the moon, Mary meaning bitter water and the moon controls the seas etc and the body is mainly salt water ) it is figuratively coming to its death, this is hell or hades etc, this is baptism in water – earth and water the symbols of Matter – after many rounds of incarnating we are born again of fire or spirit, rising in the air – air and fire symbols of spirit or higher mind. Judaism takes its calender by the moon, which is matter, the physical, the body consciousness – they have programmed us… Read more »


Interesting coincidences here some ive heard before others are new to me. However, I have to question Howard Stern’s theory about Kennedy being with or “In” Marilyn Monroe a week before he was shot as Marilyn Monroe had already been dead for over a year (died in 1962). great show tho, thanks. Have a good one Charlie